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Centre for Atmospheric Science

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About us

The Centre for Atmospheric Science (CAS)

CAS is a joint venture within the University of Cambridge. It was created by the university departments of Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, and Geography. 

We are one of the premier research groups in the UK for atmospheric research and attract funding from a wide range of sources. In the CAS, post-doctoral researchers and students from the UK and abroad carry out world-leading research with international collaborations. 

A wide range of research is undertaken in the CAS by research groups, associate researchers and collaborating academics. Some of our research groups include the Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group (ACRG) led by Professor Alexander Archibald and the Climate Change Policy Group (CCPG) led by Dr Annela Anger-Kraavi.

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Our Research

Read about the wide range of research being conducted in the CAS - from atmospheric chemistry to climate change policy.

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Research Spotlights

A brief glimpse into some of the research previously published with CAS academics. 

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Publication Highlights

Browse through our publication highlights - high-profile papers with real-world consequences. 

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Centre News

~ 2024 ~

•  13/06/24: The PACESETTERS Open Call for Emerging, Advanced and Novel Practices (OCEAN): Drive Climate Transition Through Creativity is now live. Visit PACESETTERS Open Call to participate. 

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Media Links

Watch some of the talks, infographics and webinars produced with academics from the CAS. 

Our Research Groups

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Climate Change Policy Group

The CCPG is a relatively young research group investigating climate change policy. They work closely with international collaborators on projects such as PARIS REINFORCE, and conduct research into potential factors hindering our ability to reach net zero and combat climate change. 

Read more at: Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group

Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group

The Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group (ACRG) is led by Professor Alex Archibald. The ACRG investigates and models atmospheric chemistry, aiming to enhance our understanding of the air around us in order to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. 

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The Giorio Group

The Giorio Group is led by Dr Chiara Giorio. The Giorio Group researchers the atmospheric sciences, public health, and paleoclimate. 

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The Jones (R.) Group

The Jones (R.) Group has wide ranging interests in atmospheric chemistry - from climate change to air pollution & human health.

Read more at: The Kalberer Group

The Kalberer Group

The Kalberer Group is based in the Centre of Atmospheric Science. Our research focuses on the chemistry of atmospheric aerosols and trace gases and their effects on human health. 

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The Schmidt Team

Lead of the Schmidt Team, Dr Anja Schmidt is an interdisciplinary lecturer in climate modelling - jointly affiliated with the Departments of Chemistry and Geography.

Affiliates and Collaborators

Due to the diverse range of research conducted here at CAS, we have many affiliates and collaborators from all over the world.

•  The ACRG's group leader, Prof Alexander Archibald, works closely with the National Centre of Atmospheric Science (NCAS).

•  The CCPG works closely with collaborators from across the globe as part of the PARIS REINFORCE and I2AM PARIS projects, including universities such as École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the National Technical University of Athens and Imperial College London.


Featured Video

Professor Alex Archibald on Chemical and Physical Society discussing COVID-19 and its impacts on the atmosphere.

Access more videos like this through our Media Links page. 



Centre Highlights

• January 2024: The CCPG have successfully submitted a proposal for PACESETTERS!

• September 2nd 2023: Dr Annela Anger-Kraavi has co-authored a paper analysing just transition narratives in European coal regions. Read the paper here

• December 13th 2022: The CCPG have co-authored a paper on game-changing innovations towards net-zero, published in Energy Strategy Reviews. Read the open access paper here.

• November 15th 2022: The final conference of PARIS REINFORCE is taking place today in Sorbonne. Read more about the event here

• October 24th 2022: The CCPG have successfully submitted a proposal for the Cambridge-Tsinghua joint research initiative! 

• May 5th 2022: We've submitted to the UNFCCC's Global Stocktake (GST). More information is available on our news page. 

• March 23rd 2022: Multiple CAS academics have published a paper investigating the future role of anthropogenic methane emissions. Read the open access paper here.

• Feb 18th 2022: Dr Parris and Dr Anger-Kraavi have co-authored a paper that develops a tool to support co-designed transformative change. Read the open access paper here.

• Dec 16th 2021: Dr Parris has co-authored a paper that introduces a tool to support plastic pollution policy. Read the open access paper here.

• Nov 22nd 2021: Dr Anger-Kraavi has co-authored a paper with Paris Reinforce. Read the open access version here

Want to know more about our high-profile publications? Check out our Publication Highlights!