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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Professor of Computational and Molecular Biophysics

Rosana is the Professor of Computational and Molecular Biophysics at the Departments of Chemistry and Genetics, and a Winton Advanced Research Fellow in the Department of Physics. Her group develops multiscale modelling approaches to investigate the physicochemical driving forces that govern DNA packaging inside cells, membraneless compartamentalization via liquid-liquid phase behaviour of biomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, and chromatin), chromatin structure, epigenetic phenomena, and the relationship between the structure of the genome and gene expression regulation. 

Professor Collepardo discusses her research


Surface Electrostatics Govern the Emulsion Stability of Biomolecular Condensates.
TJ Welsh, G Krainer, JR Espinosa, JA Joseph, A Sridhar, M Jahnel, WE Arter, KL Saar, S Alberti, R Collepardo-Guevara, TPJ Knowles
– Nano letters
Study on stability, composition, and protein arrangement within bio-condensates formed via liquid-liquid phase separation
IS Burgos, JR Espinosa, A Garaizar, R Collepardo-Guevara, JA Joseph
Deoxyribonucleic Acid-Encoded and Size-Defined π-Stacking of Perylene Diimides
J Gorman, SRE Orsborne, A Sridhar, R Pandya, P Budden, A Ohmann, NA Panjwani, Y Liu, JL Greenfield, S Dowland, V Gray, STJ Ryan, S De Ornellas, AH El-Sagheer, T Brown, JR Nitschke, J Behrends, UF Keyser, A Rao, R Collepardo-Guevara, E Stulz, RH Friend, F Auras
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Physics-driven coarse-grained model for biomolecular phase separation with near-quantitative accuracy.
J Joseph, A Reinhardt, A Aguirre, PY Chew, K Russell, J Rene Espinosa, A Garaizar, R Collepardo Guevara
– Nature computational science
Sequence-dependent structural properties of B-DNA: what have we learned in 40 years?
G da Rosa, L Grille, V Calzada, K Ahmad, JP Arcon, F Battistini, G Bayarri, T Bishop, P Carloni, T Cheatham Iii, R Collepardo-Guevara, J Czub, JR Espinosa, R Galindo-Murillo, SA Harris, A Hospital, C Laughton, JH Maddocks, A Noy, M Orozco, M Pasi, A Pérez, D Petkevičiūtė-Gerlach, R Sharma, R Sun, PD Dans
– Biophysical reviews
The chromatin regulator HMGA1a undergoes phase separation in the nucleus
H Zhu, M Narita, J Joseph, G Krainer, W Arter, I Olan, K Saar, N Ermann, J Espinosa, Y Shen, MA Kuri, R Qi, T Welsh, Y Xu, R Collepardo-Guevara, M Narita, T Knowles
Can single-component protein condensates form multiphase architectures?
A Garaizar, J Espinosa, J Joseph, G Krainer, Y Shen, TPJ Knowles, R Collepardo-Guevara
RNA length has a non-trivial effect in the stability of biomolecular condensates formed by RNA-binding proteins
I Sanchez-Burgos, J Espinosa, J Joseph, R Collepardo-Guevara
Kinetic interplay between droplet maturation and coalescence modulates shape of aged protein condensates
A Garaizar, J Espinosa, J Joseph, R Collepardo-Guevara
Targeted modulation of protein liquid–liquid phase separation by evolution of amino-acid sequence
SM Lichtinger, A Garaizar, R Collepardo-Guevara, A Reinhardt
– PLoS computational biology
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