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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Research Associate


I am an NCAS Research Scientist working with Prof. Alex Archibald in the Centre for Atmospheric Science. I use numerical models of the atmosphere to improve our understanding of atmospheric composition. My research includes developing surface emission scenarios and assessing global budgets for gases with a role in climate forcing and ozone depletion, including methane, molecular hydrogen and biogenic halocarbons.  I have experience using various models, including UM-UKCA and the Met Office NAME particle dispersion model.

My current focus is on understanding atmospheric methane concentrations, and how information on the isotopic composition of methane can help us quantify its source and sink processes. I am also involved in projects investigating methane emissions from gas infrastructure in the North Sea and the chemical and climate impacts of a hydrogen economy.



Atmospheric composition and climate impacts of a future hydrogen economy
NJ Warwick, AT Archibald, PT Griffiths, J Keeble, FM O'Connor, JA Pyle, KP Shine
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Very Strong Atmospheric Methane Growth in the 4 Years 2014–2017: Implications for the Paris Agreement
EG Nisbet, MR Manning, EJ Dlugokencky, RE Fisher, D Lowry, SE Michel, CL Myhre, SM Platt, G Allen, P Bousquet, R Brownlow, M Cain, JL France, O Hermansen, R Hossaini, AE Jones, I Levin, AC Manning, G Myhre, JA Pyle, BH Vaughn, NJ Warwick, JWC White
– Global Biogeochemical Cycles
A cautionary tale: A study of amethane enhancement over the north sea
M Cain, NJ Warwick, RE Fisher, D Lowry, M Lanoisellé, EG Nisbet, J France, J Pitt, S O’Shea, KN Bower, G Allen, S Illingworth, AJ Manning, S Bauguitte, I Pisso, JA Pyle
– Journal of Geophysical Research
Using <i>δ</i><sup>13</sup>C-CH<sub>4</sub> and <i>δ</i>D-CH<sub>4</sub> to constrain Arctic methane emissions
NJ Warwick, ML Cain, R Fisher, JL France, D Lowry, SE Michel, EG Nisbet, BH Vaughn, JWC White, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Rising atmospheric methane: 2007-2014 growth and isotopic shift
EG Nisbet, EJ Dlugokencky, MR Manning, D Lowry, RE Fisher, JL France, SE Michel, JB Miller, JWC White, B Vaughn, P Bousquet, JA Pyle, NJ Warwick, M Cain, R Brownlow, G Zazzeri, M Lanoisellé, AC Manning, E Gloor, DEJ Worthy, EG Brunke, C Labuschagne, EW Wolff, AL Ganesan
– Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Methane and carbon dioxide fluxes and their regional scalability for the European Arctic wetlands during the MAMM project in summer 2012
SJ O'Shea, G Allen, MW Gallagher, K Bower, SM Illingworth, JBA Muller, BT Jones, CJ Percival, SJB Bauguitte, M Cain, N Warwick, A Quiquet, U Skiba, J Drewer, K Dinsmore, EG Nisbet, D Lowry, RE Fisher, JL France, M Aurela, A Lohila, G Hayman, C George, DB Clark, AJ Manning, AD Friend, J Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
How sensitive is the recovery of stratospheric ozone to changes in concentrations of very short-lived bromocarbons?
X Yang, NL Abraham, AT Archibald, P Braesicke, J Keeble, PJ Telford, NJ Warwick, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Long-term halocarbon observations from a coastal and an inland site in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
AD Robinson, NRP Harris, MJ Ashfold, B Gostlow, NJ Warwick, LM O'Brien, EJ Beardmore, MSM Nadzir, SM Phang, AA Samah, S Ong, HE Ung, LK Peng, SE Yong, M Mohamad, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Estimates of tropical bromoform emissions using an inversion method
MJ Ashfold, NRP Harris, AJ Manning, AD Robinson, NJ Warwick, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Evaluating global emission inventories of biogenic bromocarbons
R Hossaini, H Mantle, MP Chipperfield, SA Montzka, P Hamer, F Ziska, B Quack, K Krüger, S Tegtmeier, E Atlas, S Sala, A Engel, H Bönisch, T Keber, D Oram, G Mills, C Ordóñez, A Saiz-Lopez, N Warwick, Q Liang, W Feng, F Moore, BR Miller, V Marécal, NAD Richards, M Dorf, K Pfeilsticker
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
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