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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Susceptibility of hypertensive individuals to acute blood pressure increases in response to personal-level environmental temperature decrease
Y Xu, Y Han, W Chen, L Chatzidiakou, L Yan, A Krause, Y Li, H Zhang, T Wang, T Xue, Q Chan, B Barratt, RL Jones, J Liu, Y Wu, M Zhao, J Zhang, FJ Kelly, T Zhu
– Environment International
Antagonism between ambient ozone increase and urbanization-oriented population migration on Chinese cardiopulmonary mortality
HZ Sun, J Zhao, X Liu, M Qiu, H Shen, S Guillas, C Giorio, Z Staniaszek, P Yu, MWL Wan, MM Chim, KR van Daalen, Y Li, Z Liu, M Xia, S Ke, H Zhao, H Wang, K He, H Liu, Y Guo, AT Archibald
– Innovation (Cambridge (Mass.))
Automated classification of time-activity-location patterns for improved estimation of personal exposure to air pollution
L Chatzidiakou, A Krause, M Kellaway, Y Han, Y Li, E Martin, FJ Kelly, T Zhu, B Barratt, RL Jones
Brown carbon in atmospheric fine particles in Yangzhou, China: Light absorption properties and source apportionment
Y Chen, X Xie, Z Shi, Y Li, X Gai, J Wang, H Li, Y Wu, X Zhao, M Chen, X Ge
– Atmospheric Research
Significant restructuring and light absorption enhancement of black carbon particles by ammonium nitrate coating
C Yuan, J Zheng, Y Ma, Y Jiang, Y Li, Z Wang
– Environ Pollut

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