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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Supervisor: Professor Alexander T. Archibald and Dr Paul Griffiths (Department of Chemistry) 

I am a PhD student in the Chemistry department working on Earth system models and how they could be used to study atmospheric chemical composition. Carbon dioxide and methane changes are driving the increase in surface temperatures we are experiencing. Emissions of sulfur dioxide offset some of this warming through the formation of aerosols, which modify the properties of clouds. However, the processes sulfur dioxide and aerosols undergo in the atmosphere are very complex and to understand them we need to combine observations with state-of-the-art Earth system models. My project aims to improve our understanding of the role of anthropogenic emission changes on the oxidation, burden and distribution of sulfur species in the atmosphere and quantify their climate impacts. This work is key to improving our understanding of the Earth system and reducing the uncertainty in the role of anthropogenic aerosols.


Historical sulfate aerosol formation in earth system model with interactive-chemistry: interplay between emission location, seasonality, meteorology and available oxidants
V Sakulsupich, P Griffiths, A Archibald
The role of sulfur oxidation on cloud and aerosol properties in UKESM1 CMIP6 historical experiments
V Sakulsupich, PT Griffiths, AT Archibald
Mixing Layer Height Retrievals From MiniMPL Measurements in the Chiang Mai Valley: Implications for Particulate Matter Pollution
R Solanki, R Macatangay, V Sakulsupich, T Sonkaew, PS Mahapatra
– Frontiers in Earth Science
The crucial role of density functional nonlocality and on-axis CH3NH3 rotation induced I2 formation in hybrid organic-inorganic CH3NH3PbI3 cubic perovskite
R Klinkla, V Sakulsupich, T Pakornchote, U Pinsook, T Bovornratanaraks
– Sci Rep

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