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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

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Director of Research

In the Ley Group, we specialise in developing new synthesis methods and applying them to the construction of biologically important molecules. Over the last 10 years we have completed the total synthesis of 28 natural products including spongistatin 1 (anti-mitotic agent), rapamycin (immunosuppressant), thapsigargin (SERCA pumps inhibitor), azadirachtin (insect antifeedant) and bengazole A (fungicide), taking our group total to 150 completed total syntheses. In addition to our research on natural product synthesis, we also have a new state-of-the-art flow chemistry facility. 

For more detailed research information, group members and our publication list please see the group website.


Photoredox-Catalyzed Dehydrogenative Csp3-Csp2Cross-Coupling of Alkylarenes to Aldehydes in Flow
OM Griffiths, HA Esteves, Y Chen, K Sowa, OS May, P Morse, DC Blakemore, SV Ley
– The Journal of Organic Chemistry
Enzymatic pretreatment of recycled grease trap waste in batch and continuous-flow reactors for biodiesel production
NN Tran, ME Gelonch, S Liang, Z Xiao, MM Sarafraz, M Tišma, HJ Federsel, SV Ley, V Hessel
– Chemical Engineering Journal
Formation and Utility of Reactive Ketene Intermediates Under Continuous Flow Conditions
HR Smallman, JA Leitch, T McBride, SV Ley, DL Browne
– Tetrahedron: the international journal for the rapid publication of full original research papers and critical reviews in organic chemistr
CLICK-enabled analogues reveal pregnenolone interactomes in cancer and immune cells
S Roy, J Sipthorp, B Mahata, J Pramanik, ML Hennrich, A-C Gavin, SV Ley, SA Teichmann
– iScience
A Comment on Continuous Flow Technologies within the Agrochemical Industry
SV Ley, Y Chen, A Robinson, B Otter, E Godineau, C Battilocchio
– Organic Process Research & Development
Living with our machines: Towards a more sustainable future
SV Ley, Y Chen, DE Fitzpatrick, OS May
– Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Integrated Batch and Continuous Flow Process for the Synthesis of Goniothalamin.
J Pastre, P Murray, D Browne, G Brancaglion, R Galaverna, R Pilli, SV Ley
– ACS Omega
In silico rationalisation of selectivity and reactivity in Pd-catalysed C–H activation reactions
L Cao, M Kabeshov, SV Ley, AA Lapkin
– Beilstein journal of organic chemistry
Photoredox Generation of Sulfonyl Radicals and Coupling with Electron Deficient Olefins
SV Ley, Y Chen, N McNamara, O May, T Pillaiyara, D Blakemore
– Organic Letters
A tutored discourse on microcontrollers, single board computers and their applications to monitor and control chemical reactions
DE Fitzpatrick, M O'Brien, SV Ley
– Reaction Chemistry & Engineering
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