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Dr Pietro Sormanni

Pietro obtained his BSc and a MSc in theoretical physics at the University of Milan (Italy) and spent the final year of his BSc studies in London at Queen Mary University and UCL. In January 2016, he obtained a PhD in chemistry from the University of Cambridge, working under the supervision of Prof Michele Vendruscolo at the Centre for Misfolding Diseases, where he currently works as a postdoctoral researcher.

Pietro’s research focuses on the development and applications of computational methods to predict and modify the behaviour of proteins, with a particular interest in developing novel technologies for the rational design of antibodies for research and therapeutic purposes. His publications and two filed patents in the area are at the basis of numerous academic and industrial collaborations that explore the potential of the in silico approach to streamline drug development, and to generate practically useful antibodies to address questions and accelerate discoveries in biomedical sciences.


A protein homeostasis signature in healthy brains recapitulates tissue vulnerability to Alzheimers disease
R Freer, P Sormanni, G Vecchi, P Ciryam, CM Dobson, M Vendruscolo
– Sci Adv
Rational design of mutations that change the aggregation rate of a protein while maintaining its native structure and stability.
C Camilloni, BM Sala, P Sormanni, R Porcari, A Corazza, M De Rosa, S Zanini, A Barbiroli, G Esposito, M Bolognesi, V Bellotti, M Vendruscolo, S Ricagno
– Scientific reports
Targeting disordered proteins with small molecules using entropy
GT Heller, P Sormanni, M Vendruscolo
– Trends in Biochemical Sciences
Rational design of antibodies targeting specific epitopes within intrinsically disordered proteins
P Sormanni, FA Aprile, M Vendruscolo
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
A Rational Design Strategy for the Selective Activity Enhancement of a Molecular Chaperone toward a Target Substrate.
FA Aprile, P Sormanni, M Vendruscolo
– Biochemistry
The s2D method: Simultaneous sequence-based prediction of the statistical populations of ordered and disordered regions in proteins
P Sormanni, C Camilloni, P Fariselli, M Vendruscolo
– Journal of Molecular Biology
The CamSol method of rational design of protein mutants with enhanced solubility
P Sormanni, FA Aprile, M Vendruscolo
– Journal of Molecular Biology
MonteGrappa: An iterative Monte Carlo program to optimize biomolecular potentials in simplified models
G Tiana, F Villa, Y Zhan, R Capelli, C Paissoni, P Sormanni, E Heard, L Giorgetti, R Meloni
– Computer Physics Communications
Understanding the frustration arising from the competition between function, misfolding, and aggregation in a globular protein.
S Gianni, C Camilloni, R Giri, A Toto, D Bonetti, A Morrone, P Sormanni, M Brunori, M Vendruscolo
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Iterative derivation of effective potentials to sample the conformational space of proteins at atomistic scale.
R Capelli, C Paissoni, P Sormanni, G Tiana
– The Journal of chemical physics
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