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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

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I am an NCAS Research Associate working with Prof. John Pyle and Dr. Alex Archibald in the Centre for Atmospheric Science.

I use numerical models and observations to investigate physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere. I work with UKCA, the United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols community model, based on the Met Office Unified Model, and my expertise is in addressing the effect of model horizontal resolution on a number of different dynamical and chemical processes.


Key Research Interests

  • Decadal changes in tropospheric ozone.
  • Tropical deep convection and its impact on Troposphere/Stratosphere exchange.
  • Very short lived ozone depleting species (VSLS) and their impact on stratospheric ozone at the Tropical tropopause
  • Impacts of emission changes and climate on regional atmospheric composition.
  • Model evaluation and comparison with observations.



  • NCAS Research Associate: 2006-present. University of Cambridge.
  • Regional Climate Scientist: 2002-2006. Met Office, Hadley Centre.
  • PhD: 1998-2002. University College London.
  • Master Degree, Chemistry: 1993-1998. University of Palermo, Italy.



The oxidation state of Ce in the sandwich molecule cerocene
NM Edelstein, PG Allen, JJ Bucher, DK Shuh, CD Sofield, N Kaltsoyannis, GH Maunder, MR Russo, A Sella
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
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