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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

Head shot of Professor Michaelides smiling at camera

Professor Angelos Michaelides, courtesy @ChemistryPhotography

Professor Angelos Michaelides has been chosen by postgrads in the department as Outstanding Supervisor of the year.

“It was close, but the students singled out Angelos’s focus on wellbeing, along with his support for their individual needs and challenges as researchers, presenters and individuals,” said Postgraduate and Admissions administrator Rosie Hunt.

The Outstanding Supervisor award was started in 2020 to recognise excellence in the supervision of research students and to encourage high standards in this area throughout the department.

 “This award not only recognises and encourages supervisors for the hard work they do, but it also helps us to gain insight into students’ needs and the qualities they value most,” explained Rosie.

 “What is most striking is the way students often value how supportive a supervisor is, more than that person’s expertise. They also appreciate staff who positively respond to and support difference.”

In the anonymous nominations, postgraduate students are asked to rate the overall quality of their nominated supervisor, and also to evaluate individual criteria such as support for personal development, career planning, project supervision and wellbeing.

Students can also submit a brief statement explaining their choice, which gives a broad scope for describing the qualities they value in that supervisor.

The members of the Postgraduate Education Committee read and discuss all of the nominations and comments, and give a shortlist to Head and Deputy Head of Department James Keeler and Nick Bampos, who make the final decision.

“It was truly heartening to see just how appreciated the nominated supervisors are and to read examples of the extra mile that they have gone to support their students.” said James.

All supervisors are given a chance to read the nominations and comments, in order to increase their understanding of what students are looking for, and with the overall aim of continually improving postgraduates’ learning experience within the department.

Postgraduate Admissions and Education Manager Aruna Reddy said: “The award celebrates supervisors who take extra time and compassion in their work, and who recognise the challenges of the PhD journey. Celebrating student experience and those who support wellbeing and personal development in the department helps communicate that those things are at the forefront of who we are.”

Previous winners were Professor Ian Paterson in 2020 and Professor Dominic Wright in 2021. In the past the award has been announced at the annual Student Reboot event, held in October to help postgraduate students find out more about the support available for them in the Department. It is hoped to resume this tradition when the 2023 award is announced in October.

On receiving the award, Angelos, who joined the department in 2020 as the 1968 Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, said: “Holy mackerel! What lovely and surprising news. I make supporting the students and other members of my group a priority and it’s gratifying to see that this is appreciated”.