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Protein Folding, Evolution and Interactions Symposium

Courtesy Professor Jane Clarke

A Protein Folding, Evolution and Interactions Symposium will take place at St Catharine's College, 3-5 September.

The Conference is being held in part to celebrate the retirement of Department of Chemistry Professor Jane Clarke FRS, who will start her tenure as the first female president of Wolfson College in October.

Jane said:  "In part, this Conference is to celebrate my retirement, but I have chosen to host what promises to be a most impressive selection of international speakers on Protein Science here in Cambridge, rather than the traditional retirement Symposium. This should be an outstanding chance for young scientists to meet with the world leaders."

Keynote speakers include Professor Sir Alan Fersht of the University of Cambridge and Professor Dame Carol Robinson of the University of Oxford. Professor Clarke will act as chair.  

Deadline for registration is 21 August.