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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Professor Franklin Aigbirhio

Professor Franklin Aigbirhio has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Professor Aigbirhio is one of 50 prominent biomedical and health scientists elected this year to its respected and influential Fellowship, five of whom are Cambridge researchers.

Professor Aigbirhio’s research focuses on the development and application of new biomedical imaging technologies for clinical research in areas such as dementia, acute brain injury and hypertension, and he has active collaborations within our department with Dr Andreas Bender, Professor Chris Hunter, Professor Sir David Klenerman and Dr Finian Leeper.

Aigbirhio’s research, which is based at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, seeks to enable earlier detection and a greater understanding of these disorders, thereby aiding the development of new treatments. He also aims to enable these new imaging technologies to be more accessible and widely applied throughout the NHS.

“It’s a pleasure and honour to be elected to this Fellowship, which I recognise is an outcome of the collaborations with many talented colleagues at Cambridge and further afield, for which I give my sincere thanks,” said Aigbirhio.

“Going forward my election to the Fellowship provides a platform to highlight the role of black researchers and participants in biomedical and health research and to increase their involvement.”

The newly elected Fellows have been selected for their exceptional contributions to the advancement of medical science through innovative research discoveries and translating scientific developments into benefits for patients and the wider society.

Professor Dame Anne Johnson, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, said: “I am truly delighted to welcome these 50 new Fellows to the Academy’s Fellowship, and I offer my congratulations to each of them on their exceptional contribution to biomedical and health science. The knowledge, skill and influence that each brings to the Fellowship is the Academy’s most powerful asset.

“The last year has clearly demonstrated the power and prowess of UK biomedical science, and I am proud of how many Fellows, new and old, have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 response in the UK and globally.

“Although it is hard to look beyond the pandemic right now, I want to stress how important it is that the Academy Fellowship represents the widest diversity of biomedical and health sciences. The greatest health advances rely on the findings of many types of research, and on multidisciplinary teams and cross-sector and global collaboration.”

The other new Cambridge fellows include: Ravindra Gupta, Professor of Clinical Microbiology; Brian Huntly, Professor of Leukaemia Stem Cell Biology and HoD of Haematology; Adrian Liston, Senior Group Leader Babraham Institute; Benjamin Simons FRS, Royal Society EP Abraham Professor DAMTP.