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Department of Chemistry


Courtesy Department of Chemistry Photography

Dr Gonçalo Bernardes has been selected to receive the 2018 MedChemComm Emerging Investigator Lectureship for his significant contributions to medicinal chemistry.  

Dr Bernardes' research group here in the department works at the interface of chemistry and biology, focusing on ways to modify biomolecules in the fight against human disease. They are developing methods that allow for the site-selective modification of proteins and antibodies that are used in the clinic for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. 

Dr Bernardes, who started his independent research career in 2013 and holds a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship, said: “I am honoured to receive this distinction from an organisation I admire so much and I'm so incredibly proud of the work of my entire research group at Cambridge and iMM Lisbon.”

The award specifically refers to Dr Bernardes' work on protein conjugates and his impact on the field of antibody conjugates. He will be invited to give the award lecture later this year at a conference to be confirmed.