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Human Resources


University staff induction

The University’s induction programme will provide new employees with all of the necessary information, including local welcome events and activities.

Chemistry department induction

Your induction into the Department of Chemistry will include information about the Department, Health and Safety, a tour of the building and the registration process, which includes having your photograph taken by the Reprographics team. This is for security purposes and is used on your University card and loaded on to the departmental database. You will also be issued with safety glasses, a Safety Handbook and a Statement on Safety Regulations to be signed by you declaring you have read the handbook and will comply with the COSHH and other safety requirements.

Your line manager will usually be responsible for your induction, monitoring your performance, providing guidance on a day-to-day basis, and arranging for any necessary training. You will meet new colleagues and be given details of the main responsibilities of your post, sources of immediate help and support, and the terms and conditions of your employment. These include relevant policies and procedures, and health, safety and welfare matters.

Induction is designed to support staff in their new role and to enable individuals to fit in quicky and effectively. The induction programme may vary depending upon the nature of the post category.

CRS and Visitors will be required to complete the following: