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Chemistry department induction

Induction is designed to support staff in their new role and to enable individuals to fit in quicky and effectively. The induction programme may vary depending upon the nature of the post category. Your induction into the Department of Chemistry will include: 

You are also required to complete the following online safety training:

Fire Safety Induction online (45 mins)

  • Professional Services staff will recieve a face-to-face induction from a member of the admin team.
  • Research staff will receive a virtual Zoom induction providing HR and department information.

Your line manager will usually be responsible for your induction, monitoring your performance, providing guidance on a day-to-day basis, and arranging for any necessary training. Relevant policies and procedures can be found in the various department handbooks; Professional Services StaffContract Research staff, Visitors.

Contract Research Staff and Visitors will be required to complete the following:

If further infromation is required please contact Emma Graham or Kathleen Pickett.