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Registering in the department

Registration in the department is now via an online registration form. Group secretaries and administrators can click on this link to create a unique link for each individual needing to register in the department.

Details of the process are below:

  • Secretaries/group administrators need to generate a unique link to an online registration form. Once generated, this is automatically emailed to the new starter registering.
  • The new starter clicks on their unique link, completes the form and submits. This sends the completed online form to
  • Safety induction is part of the registration process and must be completed in order to submit the registration form.
  • Please see the Departmental Safety pages for all safety information.
  • Once the registration is complete, it is uploaded into the database by a member of the admin team. Reception will then be authorised to give Mifare access.
  • The DSE form will still need to be given to new starters, but is not a requirement of registration. Completed DSE forms should be emailed to
  • IT will arrange for the new intake of students to receive an automatically generated unique code on October 1st therefore these do not need to be generated individually. 

A portrait style photo will be required for your badge and for the department database. Please contact the Photography team to arrange for your photo to be taken within your first week in the department.

Security and Mifare card (photo ID card)

You will be notified when your Security and Mifare Card is available 7-10 days after your start date. Once you have completed the registration process, Reception will issue you with a temporary pass, please be sure to return it when you have received your University Photo ID card.  You must return this card to Reception or the Department’s Personnel Administration Office when you are no longer a member of the department.