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Human Resources


Staff review process

Staff reviews should occur every two years within the department and the normal schedule for reviews to be held will usually be during the period March to May or at a time approriate for those involved. 

Reviews are undertaken at a mutually convenient time and take place between the staff member and their line manager or nominated reviewer. Both are expected to prepare for the meeting by giving some thought to the issues to be addressed and then to agree a brief written record of the outcomes, which is completed and agreed by both parties. The scheme will be coordinated by the Support Services Manager. A copy of the review documents should be given to the member of staff and the original forms should be stored securely in the Department's personnel files.  

The Department’s review scheme is intended to provide staff with an opportunity for a constructive review of their current achievements, future work and their personal and career development. Reviews should improve work effectiveness and facilitate career development by encouraging staff to discuss their achievements, address challenges, set targets and consider their training and personal development requirements. A staff review is not a replacement for good management practice, a disciplinary tool nor a means of determining pay.

The discussion and the record of the review are confidential to the reviewee, reviewer, Support Services Manager and Head of Department.  The review will not be used for any other purpose unless, by mutual agreement, an issue raised at the review is to be taken up with others e.g. details of formal training needs.

Staff review and Development Guidance Booklet can be found on the University HR staff review and development webpages.

Assistant Staff and Academic-related Staff review scheme documents: 

Research staff review information can be found on the Postdoc pages.

For further information and/or queries please contact either Marita Walsh, or Kathleen Pickett,