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If you are a member of Assistant or Academic-Related staff and are unwell and unable to come to work:

  • Ring 01223 762828 before 9:30 on the day you are unwell, and leave a message on the answer phone.
  • Complete a CHRIS/62 on your return (generally one is waiting for you in your pigeonhole). 
  • Type 'sickness' in the left hand column of your flexi-sheet if you use one.

If you are a member of Contract Research staff or Academic staff please notify your supervisor or line manager on your first day of absence. This includes half days. The following details should be provided:

  • The nature of the illness or injury
  • The expected approximate length of absence from work
  • Contact details
  • Whether the absence may be due to an injury at work or otherwise perceived to be related to work
  • Any outstanding or urgent work that requires attention.

On or before your return to work you must submit a Sickness Self Certificate to cover any sickness that has lasted for up to seven calendar days in a row to the Personnel Administration Office. If the sickness lasts longer than seven days you must also submit a doctor's statement, or statements, to cover all further absence to the Personnel Administration Office. If you do not do this, your pay may be withheld.

You should keep in regular contact with your line manager so that s/he knows when to expect you back and it is important that details of your absence are supplied to the Personnel Administration Office to ensure that you receive the correct sickness pay.

The University's Sickness policy can provide further information.