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Sickness absence policy

Covid-related absence

Please email

Other illness

If you are unfit for work due to illness, please either contact your line manager by phone or email on the first day of your absence, or email

Please let them know the following (as set out in the Sickness Absence Policy):

  • The nature of the illness or injury;
  • The expected approximate length of absence from work;
  • Contact details;
  • Whether the absence may be due to an injury at work or otherwise perceived to be related to work; and
  • Any outstanding or urgent work that requires attention.

If you are unable to contact the department due to your illness, you should make alternative arrangements e.g ask a family member to call or email on your behalf.

If you are off sick for longer than you communicated to your line manager and/or the sickness reporting email  you must either contact your line manager and/or the sickness reporting email on the day you were expected to return to work.   If you are unsure when you will return to work you must make contact daily until such times you know how long you are likely to be absent from work for i.e. you have a medical certificate, or you return to work.   

If you are declared unfit to work by way of a medical certificate, please advise on the first day you are signed off, and forward your certificate asap to the sickness reporting email

Please remember, a medical certificate obtained either from your GP or a hospital is required for any sickness absences longer than 7 calendar days (including weekends).  

Please complete a CHRIS62 form for all absence durations and send it to the sickness reporting email, even if you have supplied a medical certificate.  CHRIS62’s are available online on the HR site or can be requested using the sickness reporting email

The University's Sickness policy can provide further information.