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Human Resources


Role and responsibilities

All staff have certain defined responsibilities and duties.

For Academic related staff a detailed description of duties is compiled for each office or post, using the standard format of Form PD33. You should receive a copy of the PD33 for your post, from your institution, on taking up appointment which you are asked to read and sign to confirm you understand the requirements of the role.

The job description (PD33) outlines the activities and responsibilities of your post and identifies the person or persons to whom you are immediately responsible. The job description is not exhaustive and you may be expected to carry out other duties appropriate to the grade of your post on the request of your supervisor or the Head of the Department.

Hours of work

If your appointment is full-time you are expected to work such reasonable hours and days as are necessary for the proper performance of your duties.

As a guide, the General Board expects the average full-time working week to be in the region of 37 to 40 hours. Under the Working Time Regulations, 1998, you are not required to work more than 48 hours per week unless you sign an agreement to do so.

Annual Leave

For academic-related staff, holiday entitlement runs from October to September. If you start work after the beginning of the leave year your entitlement for that year will be calculated pro rata to the proportion of the leave year remaining.

Holiday entitlement for academic-related and contract research staff is 33 days for those working full-time (based on a five-day working week, and pro-rata for part-time) plus any public holidays that fall in the normal working week. Periods of University closure, other than public holidays will be taken as part of the annual leave. The remaining leave is taken at times that suit both the individual and his or her institution.

You are required to keep a record of your annual leave on a leave record chart.

Please note: There is no entitlement to carry over any holiday from one academic year to the next or to receive pay in lieu of holiday not taken.

Public and Bank Holidays

The days of public and bank holidays in England and Wales are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day
  • Spring Bank Holiday
  • Late Summer Bank Holiday
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

With the exception of the public holidays around Easter and Christmas, the Department is open every public holiday as a normal working day. 

Staff review and development scheme for Academic Related staff

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Further information can be found on the University HR site

Continuing Personal and professional Development 

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