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Assistant Staff 

Online Assistant Staff Handbook.

Working hours

Normally assistant staff are required to work 36.5 hours each week unless part time working has been agreed. Normal working hours for assistant staff are between 7.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. For further information on paydays and overtime please go to Finance.

Flexible working guidelines

The departmental guidelines on using flexi-time explain how flexi-time works and how to apply for this work pattern. The Department follows the University's flexible working policy (flexi-time) for all clerical, secretarial and technical staff, with the exception of staff appointed to posts with fixed hours. 

Tea breaks

The University of Cambridge policy states that tea or cigarette breaks should not add up to more than two hours per week in total for those working full time.  Our arrangements are more flexible, but please be reasonable and limit your tea breaks to 15-20 minutes.  If you smoke at work, cigarette breaks must be taken during or instead of your tea break and if you have more than one cigarette break in the morning and one in the afternoon, all cigarette breaks and tea breaks together must be limited to 40 minutes in total per day (pro rata’d where required).


Annual Leave - 2022 Holiday information pdf

For Assistant staff, holiday entitlement runs from January to December. If you start work after the beginning of the leave year your entitlement for that year will be calculated pro rata to the proportion of the leave year remaining.

Holiday entitlement for full time assistant staff is 36 days annually including 8 public holidays, pro rata’d for part time staff. You are entitled to additional long-service leave of one day after nine years of unbroken service and subsequently one additional day for each period of three years of unbroken service up to a maximum of four days after eighteen years of service. A maximum of three days can be carried over and must be used within three months of the new year. 

The Department normally closes over the Christmas and Easter periods with the required holiday deducted from your leave record at the beginning of each year. Although annual leave entitlement for assistant staff includes bank holidays, assistant staff are normally required to book these days and the preference is that assistant staff take public holidays off outside term time.

On occasion leave may not be granted if it does not meet the Department’s needs. During the busy summer holiday period, technical and secretarial staff need to ensure that there is adequate cover in order that the Department can remain open and fully functional.

You must request and book all leave through the online leave calendar as of 01 January 2021. 

If you have leave owing to you at the end of your employment you will be entitled to receive payment in lieu of the untaken leave. Similarly a deduction will be taken from your final salary payment if you have already taken more leave than entitled to.

Public and Bank Holidays

The days of public and bank holidays in England and Wales are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day
  • Spring Bank Holiday
  • Late Summer Bank Holiday
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

With the exception of the public holidays around Easter and Christmas, the Department is open every public holiday as a normal working day.

If you are asked by your line manager to work on a public holiday you will be compensated in accordance with the rules set out in the online assistant staff handbook.