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Colleagues enjoying the annual Department Garden Party

Working hours

Normally assistant staff are required to work 36.5 hours each week unless part time working has been agreed. Normal working hours for assistant staff are between 7.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. For further information on paydays and overtime please go to Finance.

Flexible working guidelines

The departmental guidelines on using flexi-time explain how flexi-time works and how to apply for this work pattern. The Department follows the University's flexible working policy (flexi-time) for all clerical, secretarial and technical staff, with the exception of staff appointed to posts with fixed hours. 

Tea breaks

The University of Cambridge policy states that tea or cigarette breaks should not add up to more than two hours per week in total for those working full time.  Our arrangements are more flexible, but please be reasonable and limit your tea breaks to 15-20 minutes.  If you smoke at work, cigarette breaks must be taken during or instead of your tea break and if you have more than one cigarette break in the morning and one in the afternoon, all cigarette breaks and tea breaks together must be limited to 40 minutes in total per day (pro rata’d where required).

Annual leave - see Leave

Professional Services Staff Handbook