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Q). How do I register in the Department?

A). Click link above.

Q). What do I do on my first day?

A). Report to Reception. Ask for a member of the Personnel administration team to complete your Right to Work in the UK check prior to you starting work.

The Right to Work in the UK check is a legal requirement and will include any other paperwork necessary for you to start work such as confirmation of your new local address. Once this check is done, the Personnel Administration Team will arrange for you to be collected by your group secretary, PI or nominated other.

If your Right to Work in the UK check is completed prior to your first day, simply ask for your group secretary, PI or nominated other on arrival. 

Q). How do I open a bank account?

A). Contact your chosen bank and provide them with proof of identity (passport, driving licence) and proof of address (recent utility/phone bill). If required, the admin office can provide you with a confirmation of status letter for the purposes of a bank account.

Q). What do I do if I am sick and cannot go to work?

A). If you are a member of Assistant or Academic Related staff please notify the Personnel Administration Office on 01223 762828 (24 hour voicemail). Please speak clearly leaving details of your name and your immediate line manager, as soon as possible on your first day of absence.

If you are a member of Research staff please notify your group's administration support.

If you are a Visitor please call Rachael Jefferies (ext 46682) or Rachel MacDonald (ext 62031) or alternatively leave a message on the sick line number above.

Q). Where can I find general departmental information?

A). Ask a member of the admin team and/or download the relevant staff handbook