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'WellChem' is our own departmental take on wellbeing and we look at activities that cover all areas of wellbeing, including health, work, values as well as social and personal growth," says Kathleen.  Some of our initiatives organised by Wellbeing Advocate Kathleen Pickett with the support of the department's WellChem team are listed below along with University wellbeing information.


  • Pilates sessions: Pilates (a form of core exercise) sessions are offered each Wednesday 12.30pm - 1.30pm and a second session 1.30pm - 2.30pm, costing £4.50 per session.  For more information or to join please contact Kathleen
  • Lunchtime bookclub - contact Rachel Macdonald.
  • Topical health displays on the Departmental WellChem noticeboard.
  • Guest speakers on Cyber Security, Mindfulness, Breast Cancer Awareness and Staff Pensions.


  • Lunchtime quizzes
  • Macmillan cake morning
  • Staff Summer Garden party
  • Staff End of Year Celebration


  • Cambridge University Botanic Garden passes: Reception hold 12 passes to the Botanic Garden, which are available to all staff members Monday through Friday, on a first come/first served basis.
  • CAMbens employee benefits: Visit these University pages to find out about a wide range of competitive benefits for employees (including discretionary benefits) from health care cash plans to child care, bicycle and car hire schemes to shopping and insurance discounts.


Further information

The University has its own Wellbeing website, listing Sources of Support and detailing its commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its staff and recognising the importance of fostering psychological as well as physical well-being.

There is a University Wellbeing Events page listing upcoming courses/training/events.

The University Student Counselling Service supports undergraduate and graduate members of the University and the Theological Colleges and the Staff Counselling Centre provides support for all university employees.

The Occupational Health Service's main functions are to prevent ill health arising from work and to promote health at work. The Service does not provide emergency treatment, and you should contact the Department’s First Aiders for this. 

The University and WellCAM has a wealth of activities on offer, from the regular Festival of Wellbeing, to lunchtime events on reducing stress, improving sleep, and presentation skills.  You can find out more about the University Wellbeing programmes on offer by visiting the University Wellbeing pages. This information is also posted on the WellChem Noticeboard, located on the 1st floor bridge between the main building and the CMI.

For help, contact Kathleen Pickett, Welfare, Training and Development Adviser or Marita Walsh, Support Services Manager.