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Today, the group had its first in-person gathering since the start of the pandemic. We started the morning with a virtual group workshop where we discussed the future research directions of the group as well as welcomed some new members (Anna, Flaviano and John) of the group. After the group workshop, we held a BBQ at Darwin College for those who could make it to Cambridge, enjoying the chance to finally catch up with one another in person. Several members were also able to enjoy their first experience punting through The Backs. Some highlights from the day:

Virtual workshop held in Zoom with most of the current members of the group. 

Angelos showing off his impressive BBQ skills; he managed the grill all by himself.

Venkat keen to show everyone his homemade paneer tikka.

Tai, Angelos and Christoph after a visit to the local Darwin College beehives.

Fabian and Steve enjoying a nice chat out in the sunshine on a bench by the river

Niamh, Fabian and Steve having an invigorating chat on the Darwin College bridge.

Everyone enjoying a picnic under the sun.

A final group photo to mark the day before everyone headed home for the evening.