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Oct 2021

Trip to Grantchester to welcome new members of the group and to celebrate the finishing of Patrick's PhD (delayed due to COVID). Spot the difference between the two pictures!

Jul 2021

ICE Group Workshop 2021

Oct 2020

ICE Group Workshop 2020

July 2019

Group trip, together with former members, down to York for the International Materials Simulation Workshop.

October 2018

Group photo in front of the iconic UCL library to welcome the new arrivals.

September 2018

Group triathlon at Hever Castle.

October 2018

Welcoming the new arrivals for the 2016 year. 

September 2015

Welcoming the new arrivals for the 2015 year

July 2015

Group dinner.

December 2014

Celebrating Gabriella's viva completion. (left to right): Philipp, Chiara, Steve, Gabriella, Martin, Gabriele, Wei, Ji, Yasmine.

May 2014

Left to right: Philipp, Chiara, Steve, Gabriella, Martin, Gabriele, Wei, Ji, Yasmine

Group dinner. (left to right): Chiara, Laurent, Yasmine, Philipp, Angelos, Gabriella, Steve, Gabriele, Javier, Wei.

September 2013

(left to right): Angelos, Steve, Gabriella, Nanaxhi, Yasmine, Ming, Gabriele

November 2011

Group paintball trip. (left to right): Gabriele, Steve, Jiri, Angelos, Thor, Gabriella, Erlend, Kathryn, Yasmine, Ming.

January 2011

Group at the Eastbourne workshop


(left to right): Angelos, Steve, Biswajit (up), Jiri (down), Javi (up), Gabriele (down), ...

June 2010

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition of our "Waterfall" iPod Game. (left to right): Steve, Erlend, Javier, Biswajit, Angelos, Jiri, Brent, Xinzheng.


(left to right): Xinzheng, Jiri, Xiaoliang, Javier, Changjun, Angelos, Erlend, Jie, Bo, Limin, ...


First group photo after our move to UCL. (left to right): Xiaoliang, Javier, Jie, Angelos, Biswajit, Anna, Limin, Jiri, Bo.


(left to right): Biswajit, Xiaoliang, Angelos, Javier, Ding, Limin, Bo; (front): Scruff


First group photo! (left to right): Bo, Xiaoliang, Angelos, Limin, Sami; (front): Scruff