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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Debbie Hough, Pensions Administration Manager for the University, came to the Department in early July to give a very informative talk for assistant staff. The Cambridge University Assistants' Contributory Pension Scheme (CUACPS) is quite a complex scheme and Debbie's presentation about it was very comprehensive, including information that applies both to pre-2009 joiners and to staff who joined later.

Key topics she covered included retirement, topping up your pension and death benefits. The talk concluded with a Q & A session where staff were able to ask both general, and some specific, queries. 

As the pension system has changed over the years, its complexity has increased. Debbie was therefore keen to encourage Assistant Staff to get in touch or to visit the University's pensions administration website to see the guides and factsheets they offer: these are accessible at

If you missed the talk, you can see Debbie's slide presentation here.