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Compositional analysis of adsorbed organic aerosol on a microresonator mass sensor
AT Zielinski, SJ Campbell, AA Seshia, RL Jones, M Kalberer, C Giorio
– Aerosol Science and Engineering
Anion Exchange Renders Hydrophobic Capsules and Cargoes Water-Soluble
JR Nitschke, EG Percástegui, J Mosquera
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Structural colours in the frond of Microsorum thailandicum
S Vignolini
– Journal of the Royal Society Interface
Code supporting "Tunneling-splittings from path-integral molecular dynamics using a Langevin thermostat"
CLJ Vaillant
Manipulating matter with strong coupling: harvesting triplet excitons in organic exciton microcavities
D Polak, R Jayaprakash, A Leventis, KJ Fallon, H Coulthard, AJP II, J Anthony, H Bronstein, DG Lidzey, J Clark, AJ Musser
Variational autoencoders for tissue heterogeneity exploration from (almost) no preprocessed mass spectrometry imaging data
P Inglese, JL Alexander, A Mroz, Z Takats, R Glen
– arXiv
Automated Behavioral Analysis of Large C. Elegans Populations Using a Wide Field-of-view Tracking Platform
M Perni, S Casford, F Aprile, E Nollen, T Knowles, M Vendruscolo, C Dobson
– Journal of Visualized Experiments
Quantifying hidden order out of equilibrium
S Martiniani, PM Chaikin, D Levine
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays and Quantum Monte Carlo: Power Efficient Co-processing for Scalable High-Performance Computing
S Cardamone, JR Kimmitt, HGA Burton, AJW Thom
Design principles for super selectivity using multivalent interactions
T Curk, J Dobnikar, D Frenkel
Redox-Rich Metallocene Tetrazene Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, Electrochemistry, and Catalysis
E Reisner, S Vanicek, M Jochriem, C Hassenrück, S Roy, H Kopacka, K Wurst, T Müller, RF Winter, B Bildstein
– Organometallics
PATHSAMPLE: A program for generating connected stationary point databases and extracting global kinetics
DJ Wales
Quasi-Newton Methods for Atmospheric Chemistry Simulations: Implementation in UKCA UM vn10.8
E Esenturk, L Abraham, S Archer-Nicholls, C Mitsakou, P Griffiths, A Archibald, J Pyle
– Geoscientific Model Development
ICE-TheOREM - End to End Semantically Aware eResearch Infrastructure for Theses
PT Sefton, OJ Downing
Anionic block copolymer vesicles act as Trojan horses to enable efficient occlusion of guest species into host calcite crystals
Y Ning, DJ Whitaker, CJ Mable, SP Armes
– Chemical Science
OPTIM: A program for optimising geometries and calculating pathways
DJ Wales
A Continuous Multistep Process for the Preparation of 3-Bromo-2-Oxopropanal O-methyl Oxime as a Precursor to Access C4-Oxime-Substituted Thiazoles
SV Ley, E Godineau, C Battilocchio, M Lehmann, R Labes, L Birnoschi, S Subramanian, CS Prasanna, A Gorde, M Kalbagh, V Khade, A Scherrer, AC O'Sullivan
Large Scale Parallelization in Stochastic Coupled Cluster
JS Spencer, VA Neufeld, WA Vigor, RST Franklin, AJW Thom
– Journal of Chemical Physics
Chemistry Add-in to Microsoft Word
JA Townsend, P Murray-Rust, AD Wade, O Naim, S Parastatidis