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Conserved helix-flanking prolines modulate IDP:target affinity by altering the lifetime of the bound complex
M Crabtree, W Borcherds, A Poospati, S Shammas, G Daughdrill, J Clarke
– Biochemistry
Genetic manipulation of structural colour in bacterial colonies
VE Johansen, L Catón, R Hamidjaja, E Oosterink, BD Wilts, TS Rasmussen, MM Sherlock, CJ Ingham, S Vignolini
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Code supporting "A new processing scheme for ultra-high resolution direct infusion mass spectrometry data"
AT Zielinski, M Kalberer, C Bortolini, C Giorio, SJ Fuller, I Kourtchev, O Popoola
COST action meeting on natural products for drug discovery, CBI, CSIC Madrid
I Paterson
Anionic surfactant induced desorption of a cationic surfactant from mica.
F Allen, C Truscott, R Welbourn, S Clarke
– Applied Clay Science
Particle-based simulations of steady-state mass transport at high Péclet numbers
T Müller, P Arosio, L Rajah, SIA Cohen, EV Yates, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
Bio-inspired Highly Scattering Networks via Polymer Phase Separation
G Iacucci, J Syurik, O Onelli, H Hölscher, S Vignolini
– Advanced Functional Materials
The Biology and Genomic Localization of Cytosine Modifications
McInroy, Bell, Ficz, Balasubramanian, Reik, E Raiber
Controlling cargo trafficking in multicomponent membranes
T Curk, P Wirnsberger, J Dobnikar, D Frenkel, A Saric
Gaussian approximation potential modeling of lithium intercalation in carbon nanostructures
S Fujikake, VL Deringer, TH Lee, M Krynski, SR Elliott, G Csányi
inking e-health records, patient-reported symptoms and environmental exposure data to characterise and model COPD exacerbations: protocol for the COPE study
RL Jones
Design principles for super selectivity using multivalent interactions
T Curk, J Dobnikar, D Frenkel
A synthesis-enabled relative stereochemical assignment of the c1-C28 region of hemicalide
I Paterson, BY Han, C MacGregor, J Goodman, N Lam
– Chemical Communications
Low-dimensional quantum magnetism in Cu(NCS)_2, a molecular framework material
MJ Cliffe, J Lee, JAM Paddison, S Schott, P Mukherjee, MW Gaultois, P Manuel, H Sirringhaus, SE Dutton, CP Grey
Machine learning techniques for improving prediction of unplanned intensive care readmission
A Ercole, R Desautels, R Das, J Calvert, M Trivedi, C Summers, D Wales
Microfluidic approaches for probing amyloid assembly and behaviour
TW Herling, A Levin, KL Saar, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
– Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology
Structural Characterization of the Li-Ion Battery Cathode Materials LiTixMn2−xO4 (0.2 ≤ x ≤ 1.5): A Combined Experimental 7Li NMR and First-Principles Study
R Pigliapochi
– Chemistry of Materials
A Unified Description of Colloidal Thermophoresis
D Frenkel, J Burelbach, I Pagonabarrag, E Eiser
– European Physical Journal E
Cucurbit[8]uril-Regulated Colloidal Dispersions Exhibiting Photocontrolled Rheological Behavior
C Hu, J Liu, Y Wu, K West, O Scherman
– Small
Anomalous Diffusion-Assisted Brightness in White Cellulose Nanofibril MembranesAnomalous Diffusion-Assisted Brightness in White Cellulose Nanofibril Membranes
S Vignolini
– Advanced Materials