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A Convergent Continuous Multistep Process for the Preparation of C<inf>4</inf>-Oxime-Substituted Thiazoles
E Godineau, C Battilocchio, M Lehmann, SV Ley, R Labes, L Birnoschi, S Subramanian, CS Prasanna, A Gorde, M Kalbagh, V Khade, A Scherrer, ACC O'sullivan
– Organic Process Research and Development
Exotic bilayer crystals in a strong magnetic field
WN Faugno, AJ Duthie, DJ Wales, JK Jain
– Physical Review B
ARTN 245424
Tunable Pentapeptide Self-Assembled β-Sheet Hydrogels.
DE Clarke, CDJ Parmenter, OA Scherman
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Oligomer diversity during the aggregation of the repeat-region of tau
M Kjaergaard, AJ Dear, F Kundel, S Qamar, G Meisl, TPJ Knowles, D Klenerman
– ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Using Transition State Modeling To Predict Mutagenicity for Michael Acceptors.
TEH Allen, MN Grayson, JM Goodman, S Gutsell, PJ Russell
– J Chem Inf Model
Enhancing the Resolution of Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis through Spatially Controlled Sample Injection
KL Saar, T Müller, J Charmet, PK Challa, TPJ Knowles
– Anal Chem
Identification and nanomechanical characterization of the fundamental single-strand protofilaments of amyloid α-synuclein fibrils
FS Ruggeri, F Benedetti, TPJ Knowles, HA Lashuel, S Sekatskii, G Dietler
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Reversible inhibition of the ClpP protease via an N-terminal conformational switch
S Vahidi, ZA Ripstein, M Bonomi, T Yuwen, MF Mabanglo, JB Juravsky, K Rizzolo, A Velyvis, WA Houry, M Vendruscolo, JL Rubinstein, LE Kay
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Book: "Chemistry of the Carbonyl Group" A Step-by-Step Approach to Understanding Organic Reaction Mechanisms
T Dickens, S Warren
Characterising Surfaces of Garnet and Steel, and Adsorption of Organic Additives
J Poon, DC Madden, MH Wood, SM Clarke
– Langmuir
Collagen Structure–Function Relationships from Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
I Goldberga, R Li, MJ Duer
– Accounts of Chemical Research
Tunneling splittings from path-integral molecular dynamics using a Langevin thermostat
CL Vaillant, DJ Wales, SC Althorpe
– The Journal of chemical physics
Engineering chemistry for the future of organic synthesis Preface
SV Ley
– Tetrahedron
Structural basis of G-quadruplex unfolding by the DEAH/RHA helicase DHX36.
MC Chen, R Tippana, NA Demeshkina, P Murat, S Balasubramanian, S Myong, AR Ferré-D'Amaré
– Nature
Professor Steven V Ley CBE FRS FMedSci
SV Ley
– Tetrahedron
Single-Molecule Characterization of the Interactions between Extracellular Chaperones and Toxic α-Synuclein Oligomers
DR Whiten, D Cox, MH Horrocks, CG Taylor, S De, P Flagmeier, L Tosatto, JR Kumita, H Ecroyd, CM Dobson, D Klenerman, MR Wilson
– Cell Rep
Mixed X-Site Formate-Hypophosphite Hybrid Perovskites
Y Wu, DM Halat, F Wei, T Binford, ID Seymour, MW Gaultois, S Shaker, J Wang, CP Grey, AK Cheetham
– Chemistry
Author Correction: N-Alkylation of functionalized amines with alcohols using a copper–gold mixed photocatalytic system
L-M Wang, Y Morioka, K Jenkinson, AEH Wheatley, S Saito, H Naka
– Scientific reports
Study of Defect Chemistry in the System La2-xSrxNiO4+delta by O-17 Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy and Ni K-Edge XANES
DM Halat, MT Dunstan, MW Gaultois, S Britto, CP Grey
– Chemistry of Materials
Estimates of ozone return dates from Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative simulations
SS Dhomse, D Kinnison, MP Chipperfield, RJ Salawitch, I Cionni, MI Hegglin, NL Abraham, H Akiyoshi, AT Archibald, EM Bednarz, S Bekki, P Braesicke, N Butchart, M Dameris, M Deushi, S Frith, SC Hardiman, B Hassler, LW Horowitz, RM Hu, P Jöckel, B Josse, O Kirner, S Kremser, U Langematz, J Lewis, M Marchand, M Lin, E Mancini, V Marécal, M Michou, O Morgenstern, FM O'Connor, L Oman, G Pitari, DA Plummer, JA Pyle, LE Revell, E Rozanov, R Schofield, A Stenke, K Stone, K Sudo, S Tilmes, D Visioni, Y Yamashita, G Zeng
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics