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The use of fluoroproline in MUC1 antigen enables efficient detection of antibodies in patients with prostate cancer
VJ Somovilla, IA Bermejo, IS Albuquerque, N Martínez-Sáez, J Castro-López, F García-Martín, I Compañón, H Hinou, S-I Nishimura, J Jiménez-Barbero, JL Asensio, A Avenoza, JH Busto, R Hurtado-Guerrero, JM Peregrina, GJL Bernardes, F Corzana
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Single-Molecule Imaging of Wnt3A Protein Diffusion on Living Cell Membranes.
A Lippert, AA Janeczek, A Fürstenberg, A Ponjavic, WE Moerner, R Nusse, JA Helms, ND Evans, SF Lee
– Biophys J
Labeling and identifying cell-specific proteomes in the mouse brain
TP Krogager, RJ Ernst, TS Elliott, L Calo, V Beránek, E Ciabatti, MG Spillantini, M Tripodi, MH Hastings, JW Chin
– Nature Biotechnology
Chemical vapour deposition of freestanding sub-60 nm graphene gyroids
T Cebo, AI Aria, JA Dolan, RS Weatherup, K Nakanishi, PR Kidambi, G Divitini, C Ducati, U Steiner, S Hofmann
– Applied Physics Letters
ARTN 253103
DeepSynergy: Predicting anti-cancer drug synergy with Deep Learning.
K Preuer, RPI Lewis, S Hochreiter, A Bender, KC Bulusu, G Klambauer
– Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)
Structural basis of membrane disruption and cellular toxicity by alpha-synuclein oligomers
G Fusco, SW Chen, PTF Williamson, R Cascella, M Perni, JA Jarvis, C Cecchi, M Vendruscolo, F Chiti, N Cremades, L Ying, CM Dobson, A De Simone
– Science
Energy Landscape and Pathways for Transitions between Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen Base Pairing in DNA
D Chakraborty, DJ Wales
– Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Role of Solvent Selection on Crystal Habit of 5-Aminosalicylic Acid-Combined Experimental and Computational Approach.
N Pudasaini, CR Parker, SU Hagen, AD Bond, J Rantanen
– Journal of pharmaceutical sciences
Forming quasicrystals by monodisperse soft core particles
M Zu, P Tan, N Xu
– Nature Communications
Solar hydrogen generation from lignocellulose
MF Kuehnel, E Reisner
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Radiative and chemical response to interactive stratospheric sulfate aerosols in fully coupled CESM1(WACCM)
MJ Mills, JH Richter, S Tilmes, B Kravitz, DG MacMartin, AA Glanville, JJ Tribbia, J-F Lamarque, F Vitt, A Schmidt, A Gettelman, C Hannay, JT Bacmeister, DE Kinnison
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
How Strong Is the Hydrogen Bond in Hybrid Perovskites?
KL Svane, AC Forse, CP Grey, G Kieslich, AK Cheetham, A Walsh, KT Butler
– J Phys Chem Lett
Catechol-TiO2hybrids for photocatalytic H2production and photocathode assembly.
KL Orchard, D Hojo, KP Sokol, M-J Chan, N Asao, T Adschiri, E Reisner
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Online molecular characterisation of organic aerosols in an atmospheric chamber using extractive electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry
PJ Gallimore, C Giorio, BM Mahon, M Kalberer
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Mechanism of biosurfactant adsorption to oil/water interfaces from millisecond scale tensiometry measurements
L Kong, KL Saar, R Jacquat, L Hong, A Levin, H Gang, R Ye, B Mu, TPJ Knowles
– Interface focus
Factors affecting the physical stability (aggregation) of peptide therapeutics
KL Zapadka, FJ Becher, AL Gomes Dos Santos, SE Jackson
– Interface focus
Chemoselective Installation of Amine Bonds on Proteins through Aza-Michael Ligation.
AM Freedy, MJ Matos, O Boutureira, F Corzana, A Guerreiro, P Akkapeddi, VJ Somovilla, T Rodrigues, K Nicholls, B Xie, G Jiménez-Osés, KM Brindle, AA Neves, GJL Bernardes
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Designing the Macrocyclic Dimension in Main Group Chemistry.
H-C Niu, AJ Plajer, R Garcia-Rodriguez, S Singh, DS Wright
– Chemistry
Ionic liquids at interfaces: general discussion.
A Abbott, M Addicoat, L Aldous, RG Bhuin, N Borisenko, JN Canongia Lopes, R Clark, S Coles, M Costa Gomes, B Cross, J Everts, M Firestone, R Gardas, M Gras, S Halstead, C Hardacre, J Holbrey, T Itoh, V Ivaništšev, J Jacquemin, P Jessop, R Jones, B Kirchner, S Li, R Lynden-Bell, D MacFarlane, F Maier, M Mezger, A Pádua, OD Pavel, S Perkin, S Purcell, M Rutland, JM Slattery, S Suzer, K Tamura, ML Thomas, S Tiwari, S Tsuzuki, B Uralcan, W Wallace, M Watanabe, J Wishart
– Faraday Discuss
Cucurbit[7]uril as a Supramolecular Artificial Enzyme for Diels–Alder Reactions
A Palma, M Artelsmair, G Wu, X Lu, SJ Barrow, N Uddin, E Rosta, E Masson, OA Scherman
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl