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A conformational sensor based on genetic code expansion reveals an autocatalytic component in EGFR activation.
M Baumdick, M Gelléri, C Uttamapinant, V Beránek, JW Chin, PIH Bastiaens
– Nature Communications
Finite electric displacement simulations of polar ionic solid-electrolyte interfaces: Application to NaCl(111)/aqueous NaCl solution
T Sayer, M Sprik, C Zhang
– arXiv
Terahertz VRT Spectroscopy of the Water Hexamer-h12 Cage: Dramatic Libration-Induced Enhancement of Hydrogen Bond Tunneling Dynamics.
WTS Cole, Ö Yönder, AA Sheikh, RS Fellers, MR Viant, RJ Saykally, JD Farrell, DJ Wales
– The journal of physical chemistry. A
Phosphorus spectroscopy in acute TBI demonstrates metabolic changes that relate to outcome in the presence of normal structural MRI.
MG Stovell, MO Mada, TA Carpenter, J-L Yan, MR Guilfoyle, I Jalloh, KE Welsh, A Helmy, DJ Howe, P Grice, A Mason, S Giorgi-Coll, CN Gallagher, MP Murphy, DK Menon, PJ Hutchinson, KL Carpenter
– Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
Synthesis, crystal structure, computational analysis and biological properties of 1-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-3-[2-(2-{2-[3-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-thioureido]-ethoxy}ethoxy)ethyl]-thiourea and its Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes
EE Oyeka, JN Asegbeloyin, I Babahan, B Eboma, O Okpareke, J Lane, A Ibezim, HH Bıyık, B Törün, DC Izuogu
– Journal of Molecular Structure
Solution fibre spinning technique for the fabrication of tuneable decellularised matrix-laden fibres and fibrous micromembranes.
Z Li, J Tuffin, IM Lei, FS Ruggeri, NS Lewis, EL Gill, T Savin, L Huleihel, SF Badylak, T Knowles, SC Satchell, GI Welsh, MA Saleem, YYS Huang
– Acta Biomater
Determination of the conformational states of strychnine in solution using NMR residual dipolar couplings in a tensor-free approach.
G Tomba, C Camilloni, M Vendruscolo
– Methods
Proline provides site-specific flexibility for in vivo collagen
WY Chow, CJ Forman, D Bihan, AM Puszkarska, R Rajan, DG Reid, DA Slatter, LJ Colwell, DJ Wales, RW Farndale, MJ Duer
– Scientific reports
Multivalent Crown Ether Receptors Enable Allosteric Regulation of Anion Exchange in an Fe4 L6 Tetrahedron.
LKS von Krbek, DA Roberts, BS Pilgrim, CA Schalley, JR Nitschke
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Topological Ring Currents and Bond Currents in Some Neutral and Anionic Altans and Iterated Altans of Corannulene and Coronene.
TK Dickens, RB Mallion
– The journal of physical chemistry. A
Functional Capsules via Subcomponent Self-Assembly.
D Zhang, TK Ronson, JR Nitschke
– Accounts of Chemical Research
Semi-syntheses of the 11-hydroxyrotenoids sumatrol and villosinol
DA Russell, JJ Freudenreich, HL Stewart, AD Bond, HF Sore, DR Spring
– Org Biomol Chem
Structural Design of Robust and Biocompatible Photonic Hydrogels from an in Situ Cross-Linked Hyperbranched Polymer System
J Zhang, H Yong, A Sigen, Q Xu, Y Miao, J Lyu, Y Gao, M Zeng, D Zhou, Z Yu, H Tai, W Wang
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory for Modeling Solid-State Fluorescence Emission of Organic Multicomponent Crystals.
M Arhangelskis, DB Jochym, L Bernasconi, T Friščić, AJ Morris, W Jones
– The journal of physical chemistry. A
Discovering Highly Potent Molecules from an Initial Set of Inactives Using Iterative Screening.
I Cortés-Ciriano, NC Firth, A Bender, O Watson
– J Chem Inf Model
Systematic mapping of free energy landscapes of a growing filamin domain during biosynthesis
CA Waudby, T Wlodarski, M-E Karyadi, AME Cassaignau, SHS Chan, AS Wentink, JM Schmidt-Engler, C Camilloni, M Vendruscolo, LD Cabrita, J Christodoulou
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Targeting Amyloid Aggregation: An Overview of Strategies and Mechanisms.
S Giorgetti, C Greco, P Tortora, FA Aprile
– International journal of molecular sciences
Unexpected stability of aqueous dispersions of raspberry-like colloids
Y Lan, A Caciagli, G Guidetti, Z Yu, J Liu, VE Johansen, M Kamp, C Abell, S Vignolini, OA Scherman, E Eiser
– Nature Communications
Toward the total synthesis of patellazole B: synthesis of an advanced C1-C25 fragment corresponding to the macrocyclic skeleton.
AW Phillips, MJ Anketell, T Balan, NYS Lam, S Williams, I Paterson
– Org Biomol Chem
Using a virtual machine environment for developing, testing, and training for the UM-UKCA composition-climate model, using Unified Model version 10.9 and above
NL Abraham, AT Archibald, P Cresswell, S Cusworth, M Dalvi, D Matthews, S Wardle, S Whitehouse
– Geoscientific Model Development