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Self-Assembly of Conjugated Metallopolymers with Tunable Length and Controlled Regiochemistry
JR Nitschke, JL Greenfield, FJ Rizzuto, I Goldberga
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Interfacing formate dehydrogenase with metal oxides for reversible electrocatalysis and solar‐driven reduction of carbon dioxide
M Miller, WE Robinson, AR Oliveira, N Heidary, N Kornienko, J Warnan, I Pereira, E Reisner
– Angewandte Chemie
A practical guide to the simultaneous determination of protein structure and dynamics using metainference
T Löhr, C Camilloni, M Bonomi, M Vendruscolo
Structure-based design of potent tumor-associated antigens: modulation of peptide presentation by single atom O/S or O/Se substitutions at the glycosidic linkage
I Compañón, A Guerreiro, V Mangini, J Castro-López, M Escudero-Casao, A Avenoza, JH Busto, S Castillón, J Jiménez-Barbero, JL Asensio, G Jiménez-Osés, O Boutureira, JM Peregrina, R Hurtado-Guerrero, R Fiammengo, GJL Bernardes, F Corzana
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
A decision theoretic approach to model evaluation in computational drug discovery
O Watson, I Cortes-Ciriano, A Taylor, JA Watson
Quantifying Chemical Structure and Atomic Energies in Amorphous Silicon Networks
N Bernstein, B Bhattarai, G Csányi, DA Drabold, SR Elliott, VL Deringer
Acid-Triggered, Acid-Generating, and Self-Amplifying Degradable Polymers
KA Miller, EG Morado, SR Samanta, BA Walker, AZ Nelson, S Sen, DT Tran, DJ Whitaker, RH Ewoldt, PV Braun, SC Zimmerman
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Variable-temperature multinuclear solid-state NMR study of oxide ion dynamics in fluorite-type bismuth vanadate and phosphate solid electrolytes
MT Dunstan, C Grey, D Halat, M Tate, I Radosavljevic Evans
– Chemistry of Materials
RC Glen, DP Behan, NRA Beeley, DT Chalmers, RJ Foster, MS Lawless, CW Liaw, Q Liu, F Menzaghi, JF Russo, JR Smith, WJ Thomsen
WO2000US28347 20001013
E Cammarota, P Cicuta
Numerical test of the Edwards conjecture shows that all packings are equally probable at jamming
S Martiniani, KJ Schrenk, K Ramola, B Chakraborty, D Frenkel
– Nature Physics, 13(9), 848 (2017)
Engineering New Defective Phases of UiO Family Metal-Organic Frameworks with Water
FCN Firth, MJ Cliffe, D Vulpe, M Aragones, D Fairen-Jimenez, P Moghadam, B Slater, C Grey
– Journal of Materials Chemistry A
ICE-TheOREM - End to End Semantically Aware eResearch Infrastructure for Theses
PT Sefton, OJ Downing
Sustainable Polysulfides for Oil Spill Remediation: Repurposing Industrial Waste for Environmental Benefit
GJ Lopes Bernardes
– Advanced Sustainable Systems
The Biology and Genomic Localization of Cytosine Modifications
McInroy, Bell, Ficz, Balasubramanian, Reik, E Raiber
Manipulating matter with strong coupling: harvesting triplet excitons in organic exciton microcavities
D Polak, R Jayaprakash, A Leventis, KJ Fallon, H Coulthard, AJP II, J Anthony, H Bronstein, DG Lidzey, J Clark, AJ Musser