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Quantifying hidden order out of equilibrium
S Martiniani, R Alfia, PM Chaikin, D Levine
Anion Exchange Renders Hydrophobic Capsules and Cargoes Water-Soluble
JR Nitschke, EG Percástegui
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Anion Exchange Renders Hydrophobic Capsules and Cargoes Water-Soluble
JR Nitschke, EG Percástegui, J Mosquera
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Particle-based simulations of steady-state mass transport at high Péclet numbers
T Müller, P Arosio, L Rajah, SIA Cohen, EV Yates, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
Comment on pyramidal structure formation at the interface between III/V semiconductors and silicon
T Hannappel, O Supplie, S Bruckner, MM May, P Kleinschmidt, O Romanyuk
OUP accepted manuscript
– Brain
Stereocontrolled Semi-Syntheses of Elliptone and 12aβ-Hydroxyelliptone
H Sore, W Fong, D Russell, D Twigg, D Spring
– Journal of Natural Products
Machine learning techniques for improving prediction of unplanned intensive care readmission
A Ercole, R Desautels, R Das, J Calvert, M Trivedi, C Summers, D Wales
Bovine Serum Albumin and Fibrinogen Adsorption at the 316L Stainless Steel/Aqueous Interface
MH Wood, CG Payagalage, T Geue
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part B
Design principles for super selectivity using multivalent interactions
T Curk, J Dobnikar, D Frenkel
An X-ray and neutron reflectometry study of iron corrosion in seawater
MH Wood, TJ Wood, RJL Welbourn, J Poon, DC Madden, SM Clarke
– Langmuir
Optical Fibre-Tip Probes for SERS: Numerical Study for Design Considerations
T Hutter, SR Elliott, S Mahajan
– Optics Express
Cucurbit[n]uril Supramolecular Hydrogel Networks as Tough and Healable Adhesives
OA Scherman, J Lui
– Advanced Functional Materials
Variational autoencoders for tissue heterogeneity exploration from (almost) no preprocessed mass spectrometry imaging data
P Inglese, JL Alexander, A Mroz, Z Takats, R Glen
Cycling Non-Aqueous Li-O2 Batteries with Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Sulfolane Co-Solvent
G Kim, T Liu, I Temprano, E Petrucco, N Barrow, C Grey
– Johnson Matthey Technology Review
Monolithic Photoelectrochemical Device for 19% Direct Water Splitting
W-H Cheng, MH Richter, MM May, J Ohlmann, D Lackner, F Dimroth, T Hannappel, HA Atwater, H-J Lewerenz
The Biology and Genomic Localization of Cytosine Modifications
McInroy, Bell, Ficz, Balasubramanian, Reik, E Raiber
A fluorescence anisotropy assay to discover and characterize ligands targeting the maytansine-site of tubulin
I Paterson, G Menchon, AE Prota, DL Agell, P Bucher, R Jansen, H Irschik, R Müller, JF Diaz, K-H Altmann, MO Steinmetz
– Nature Communications
Advances in the synthesis and long-term protection of zero-valent iron nanoparticles
AEH Wheatley, J Mehta, B Knappett, G Divitini, E Ringe, P Midgley, D Fairen-Jimenez
– Particle and Particle Systems Characterization
Theoretical prediction of thermal polarisation
P Wirnsberger, C Dellago, D Frenkel, A Reinhardt
– Physical Review Letters