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Imaging individual protein aggregates to follow aggregation and determine the role of aggregates in neurodegenerative disease
S De, D Klenerman
– BBA - Proteins and Proteomics
Formation Mechanisms of ZnO Spherulites and Derivatives
BM Connolly, HF Greer, W Zhou
– Crystal Growth & Design
Correction: Unexpected arene ligand exchange results in the oxidation of an organoruthenium anticancer agent: the first X-ray structure of a protein-Ru(carbene) adduct.
MP Sullivan, MK Nieuwoudt, GA Bowmaker, NYS Lam, D Truong, DC Goldstone, CG Hartinger
– Chem Commun (Camb)
Industrial scale high-throughput screening delivers multiple fast acting macrofilaricides.
RH Clare, C Bardelle, P Harper, WD Hong, U Börjesson, KL Johnston, M Collier, L Myhill, A Cassidy, D Plant, H Plant, R Clark, DAN Cook, A Steven, J Archer, P McGillan, S Charoensutthivarakul, J Bibby, R Sharma, GL Nixon, BE Slatko, L Cantin, B Wu, J Turner, L Ford, K Rich, M Wigglesworth, NG Berry, PM O'Neill, MJ Taylor, SA Ward
– Nat Commun
Computational Investigation of RNA A-Bulges Related to the Microtubule-Associated Protein Tau Causing Frontotemporal Dementia and Parkinsonism
DJ Wales, MD Disney, I Yildirim
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Fast continuous alcohol amination employing a hydrogen borrowing protocol
R Labes, C Mateos, C Battilocchio, Y Chen, P Dingwall, GR Cumming, JA Rincón, MJ Nieves-Remacha, SV Ley
– Green Chemistry
Chapter 12. High-efficiency Water Splitting Systems
MM May, H Döscher, JA Turner
A tau homeostasis signature is linked with the cellular and regional vulnerability of excitatory neurons to tau pathology
H Fu, A Possenti, R Freer, Y Nakano, NCH Villegas, M Tang, PVM Cauhy, BA Lassus, S Chen, SL Fowler, HY Figueroa, ED Huey, GVW Johnson, M Vendruscolo, KE Duff
– Nat Neurosci
Action of Organoaluminum Reagents on Esters: Alkene Production and the Degradation of Synthetic Lubricants
J Slaughter, SA Molyneux, AJ Peel, AEH Wheatley
– Organometallics
Mechanistic investigation into the C(sp3)–H acetoxylation of morpholinones
CS Buettner, D Willcox, BGN Chappell, MJ Gaunt
– Chemical Science
RNA G-quadruplexes at upstream open reading frames cause DHX36- and DHX9-dependent translation of human mRNAs.
P Murat, G Marsico, B Herdy, AT Ghanbarian, G Portella, S Balasubramanian
– Genome biology
Oxygenic Photoreactivity in Photosystem II Studied by Rotating Ring Disk Electrochemistry.
N Kornienko, JZ Zhang, KP Sokol, S Lamaison, A Fantuzzi, R van Grondelle, AW Rutherford, E Reisner
– J Am Chem Soc
A superposition free method for protein conformational ensemble analyses and local clustering based on a differential geometry representation of backbone.
A Marinho da Silva Neto, SR Silva, M Vendruscolo, C Camilloni, RW Montalvao
– Proteins
Intrinsically Disordered Landscapes for Human CD4 Receptor Peptide
JA Joseph, DJ Wales
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Lattice models and Monte Carlo methods for simulating DNA origami self-assembly.
A Cumberworth, A Reinhardt, D Frenkel
– Journal of Chemical Physics
Oligomer diversity during the aggregation of the repeat-region of tau
M Kjaergaard, AJ Dear, F Kundel, S Qamar, G Meisl, TPJ Knowles, D Klenerman
– ACS Chem Neurosci
Understanding LiOH Formation in a Li-O2 Battery with LiI and H2O Additives
T Liu, G Kim, E Jónsson, E Castillo-Martinez, I Temprano, Y Shao, J Carretero-González, RN Kerber, CP Grey
– ACS Catalysis
Publisher Correction: Disease-relevant transcriptional signatures identified in individual smooth muscle cells from healthy mouse vessels
L Dobnikar, AL Taylor, J Chappell, P Oldach, JL Harman, E Oerton, E Dzierzak, MR Bennett, M Spivakov, HF Jørgensen
– Nature Communications
Structure of a (3+1) hybrid G-quadruplex in the PARP1 promoter.
A Sengar, JJ Vandana, VS Chambers, M Di Antonio, FR Winnerdy, S Balasubramanian, AT Phan
– Nucleic Acids Res
Fluorine-free water-in-ionomer electrolytes for sustainable lithium-ion batteries
X He, B Yan, X Zhang, Z Liu, D Bresser, J Wang, R Wang, X Cao, Y Su, H Jia, CP Grey, H Frielinghaus, DG Truhlar, M Winter, J Li, E Paillard
– Nature communications