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Multistep Inhibition of α-Synuclein Aggregation and Toxicity in Vitro and in Vivo by Trodusquemine.
M Perni, P Flagmeier, R Limbocker, R Cascella, FA Aprile, C Galvagnion, GT Heller, G Meisl, SW Chen, JR Kumita, PK Challa, JB Kirkegaard, SIA Cohen, B Mannini, D Barbut, EAA Nollen, C Cecchi, N Cremades, TPJ Knowles, F Chiti, M Zasloff, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson
– ACS Chem Biol
FRET-enhanced photostability allows improved single-molecule tracking of proteins and protein complexes in live mammalian cells.
S Basu, L-M Needham, D Lando, EJR Taylor, KJ Wohlfahrt, D Shah, W Boucher, YL Tan, LE Bates, O Tkachenko, J Cramard, BC Lagerholm, C Eggeling, B Hendrich, D Klenerman, SF Lee, ED Laue
– Nature Communications
Oligomer diversity during the aggregation of the repeat-region of tau
M Kjaergaard, AJ Dear, F Kundel, S Qamar, G Meisl, TPJ Knowles, D Klenerman
– ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Kinetic barriers to α-synuclein protofilament formation and conversion into mature fibrils.
JWP Brown, G Meisl, TPJ Knowles, AK Buell, CM Dobson, C Galvagnion
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Determination of Polypeptide Conformation with Nanoscale Resolution in Water.
G Ramer, FS Ruggeri, A Levin, TPJ Knowles, A Centrone
– ACS Nano
Sodiation and Desodiation via Helical Phosphorus Intermediates in High-Capacity Anodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries.
LE Marbella, ML Evans, MF Groh, J Nelson, KJ Griffith, AJ Morris, CP Grey
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
From synthesis to applications: Metal– organicframeworks for an environmentally sustainable future
BM Connolly, JP Mehta, AEH Wheatley, D Fairen-Jimenez, PZ Moghadam
– Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Natural ventilation in cities: the implications of fluid mechanics
J Song, S Fan, W Lin, L Mottet, H Woodward, M Davies Wykes, R Arcucci, D Xiao, JE Debay, H ApSimon, E Aristodemou, D Birch, M Carpentieri, F Fang, M Herzog, GR Hunt, RL Jones, C Pain, D Pavlidis, AG Robins, CA Short, PF Linden
– Building Research and Information
Exotic bilayer crystals in a strong magnetic field
WN Faugno, AJ Duthie, DJ Wales, JK Jain
ARTN 245424
Tunable Pentapeptide Self-Assembled β-Sheet Hydrogels.
DE Clarke, CDJ Parmenter, OA Scherman
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Evolved Minimal Frustration in Multifunctional Biomolecules
K Röder, DJ Wales
– J Phys Chem B
Identification and nanomechanical characterization of the fundamental single-strand protofilaments of amyloid α-synuclein fibrils.
FS Ruggeri, F Benedetti, TPJ Knowles, HA Lashuel, S Sekatskii, G Dietler
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Using Transition State Modeling To Predict Mutagenicity for Michael Acceptors.
TEH Allen, MN Grayson, JM Goodman, S Gutsell, PJ Russell
– J Chem Inf Model
Reversible inhibition of the ClpP protease via an N-terminal conformational switch.
S Vahidi, ZA Ripstein, M Bonomi, T Yuwen, MF Mabanglo, JB Juravsky, K Rizzolo, A Velyvis, WA Houry, M Vendruscolo, JL Rubinstein, LE Kay
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Enhancing the resolution of micro free flow electrophoresis through spatially controlled sample injection.
KL Saar, T Müller, J Charmet, PK Challa, TPJ Knowles
– Anal Chem
Characterising Surfaces of Garnet and Steel, and Adsorption of Organic Additives
J Poon, DC Madden, MH Wood, SM Clarke
– Langmuir
Collagen Structure-Function Relationships from Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.
I Goldberga, R Li, MJ Duer
– Acc Chem Res
Chemistry of the Carbonyl Group: A Step-by-Step Approach to Understanding Organic Reaction Mechanisms
T Dickens, S Warren
Structural basis of G-quadruplex unfolding by the DEAH/RHA helicase DHX36.
MC Chen, R Tippana, NA Demeshkina, P Murat, S Balasubramanian, S Myong, AR Ferré-D'Amaré
– Nature
Interfacial engineering of a carbon nitride-graphene oxide-molecular Ni catalyst hybrid for enhanced photocatalytic activity
H Kasap, R Godin, C Jeay Bizot, DS Achilleos, X Fang, JR Durrant, E Reisner
– ACS Catalysis