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Toward the total synthesis of patellazole B: synthesis of an advanced C1-C25 fragment corresponding to the macrocyclic skeleton
I Paterson, A Phillips, M Anketell, T Balan, N Lam, S Williams
– Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
Using a virtual machine environment for developing, testing, and training for the UM-UKCA composition-climate model, using Unified Model version 10.9 and above
NL Abraham, AT Archibald, P Cresswell, S Cusworth, M Dalvi, D Matthews, S Wardle, S Whitehouse
– Geoscientific Model Development
Preparation of homoallylic amines via a three-component coupling process
X Ou, R Labes, C Battilocchio, SV Ley
– Org Biomol Chem
Scalable Triple Cation Mixed Halide Perovskite–BiVO<inf>4</inf>Tandems for Bias-Free Water Splitting
V Andrei, RLZ Hoye, M Crespo-Quesada, M Bajada, S Ahmad, M De Volder, R Friend, E Reisner
– Advanced Energy Materials
ATR-Mediated Global Fork Slowing and Reversal Assist Fork Traverse and Prevent Chromosomal Breakage at DNA Interstrand Cross-Links
K Mutreja, J Krietsch, J Hess, S Ursich, M Berti, FK Roessler, R Zellweger, M Patra, G Gasser, M Lopes
– Cell Reports
H-Bonded Duplexes based on a Phenylacetylene Backbone.
JA Swain, G Iadevaia, CA Hunter
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Effective strategies for managing your research data (beginners session)
CM Castle
Thermophoretic forces on a mesoscopic scale.
J Burelbach, DB Brückner, D Frenkel, E Eiser
– Soft Matter
A comparison of oxidative lactate metabolism in traumatically injured brain and control brain
I Jalloh, A Helmy, DJ Howe, RJ Shannon, P Grice, A Mason, CN Gallagher, MP Murphy, JD Pickard, DK Menon, TA Carpenter, PJ Hutchinson, KLH Carpenter
– Journal of Neurotrauma
Obituary: Nico van Nuland 1961-2017 OBITUARY
A Matagne, CM Dobson
– European biophysics journal : EBJ
Modeling the Phase-Change Memory Material, Ge2Sb2Te5, with a Machine-Learned Interatomic Potential.
FC Mocanu, K Konstantinou, TH Lee, N Bernstein, VL Deringer, G Csányi, SR Elliott
– J Phys Chem B
Identification of oxidative stress in red blood cells with nanoscale chemical resolution by infrared nanospectroscopy
FS Ruggeri, C Marcott, S Dinarelli, G Longo, M Girasole, G Dietler, TPJ Knowles
– International journal of molecular sciences
Solid state NMR - An indispensable tool in organic-inorganic biocomposite characterization; refining the structure of octacalcium phosphate composites with the linear metabolic di-acids succinate and adipate
Y Li, DG Reid, MJ Duer, JCC Chan
– Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Understanding and predicting disease relationships through similarity fusion.
E Oerton, I Roberts, PSH Lewis, T Guilliams, A Bender
– Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)
DNA-Coated Functional Oil Droplets.
A Caciagli, M Zupkauskas, A Levin, TPJ Knowles, C Mugemana, N Bruns, T O'Neill, WJ Frith, E Eiser
– Langmuir
Developing a Relative Humidity Correction for Low-Cost Sensors Measuring Ambient Particulate Matter.
A Di Antonio, OAM Popoola, B Ouyang, J Saffell, RL Jones
– Sensors (Basel)
Structure-based design of allosteric calpain-1 inhibitors populating a novel bioactivity space.
L Kalash, J Cresser-Brown, J Habchi, C Morgan, DJ Miller, RC Glen, RK Allemann, A Bender
– Eur J Med Chem
4D imaging reveals stage dependent random and directed cell motion during somite morphogenesis
J McColl, GF Mok, AH Lippert, A Ponjavic, L Muresan, A Münsterberg
– Scientific reports
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Homogeneous Thiol-Linked NHC*-Au-Albumin and -Trastuzumab Bioconjugates.
MJ Matos, C Labão-Almeida, C Sayers, O Dada, M Tacke, GJL Bernardes
– Chemistry
Cucurbit[7]uril-based high-performance catalytic microreactors
X Ren, Z Yu, Y Wu, J Liu, C Abell, OA Scherman
– Nanoscale