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Formation of metal-organic ligand complexes affects solubility of metals in airborne particles at an urban site in the Po valley
A Tapparo, V Di Marco, D Badocco, S D'Aronco, L Soldà, P Pastore, BM Mahon, M Kalberer, C Giorio
– Chemosphere
Multi-Scale Electrolyte Transport Simulations for Lithium Ion Batteries
F Hanke, N Modrow, RLC Akkermans, I Korotkin, FC Mocanu, VA Neufeld, M Veit
– Journal of The Electrochemical Society
High-resolution label-free 3D mapping of extracellular pH of single living cells.
Y Zhang, Y Takahashi, SP Hong, F Liu, J Bednarska, PS Goff, P Novak, A Shevchuk, S Gopal, I Barozzi, L Magnani, H Sakai, Y Suguru, T Fujii, A Erofeev, P Gorelkin, A Majouga, DJ Weiss, C Edwards, AP Ivanov, D Klenerman, EV Sviderskaya, JB Edel, Y Korchev
– Nature Communications
Predictive Multivariate Linear Regression Analysis Guides Successful Catalytic Enantioselective Minisci Reactions of Diazines
JP Reid, RSJ Proctor, MS Sigman, RJ Phipps
– J Am Chem Soc
Zero-point energy and tunnelling: general discussion.
SC Althorpe, AM Alvertis, W Barford, RL Benson, I Burghardt, S Giannini, S Habershon, S Hammes-Schiffer, S Hay, S Iyengar, A Kelly, K Komarova, J Lawrence, Y Litman, C Martens, RJ Maurer, D Plant, M Rossi, K Sakaushi, A Schile, S Sturniolo, DP Tew, G Trenins, G Worth
– Faraday Discussions
α-Synuclein strains target distinct brain regions and cell types
A Lau, RWL So, HHC Lau, JC Sang, A Ruiz-Riquelme, SC Fleck, E Stuart, S Menon, NP Visanji, G Meisl, R Faidi, MM Marano, C Schmitt-Ulms, Z Wang, PE Fraser, A Tandon, BT Hyman, H Wille, M Ingelsson, D Klenerman, JC Watts
– Nature neuroscience
Soluble aggregates present in cerebrospinal fluid change in size and mechanism of toxicity during Alzheimer’s disease progression
S De, DR Whiten, FS Ruggeri, C Hughes, M Rodrigues, DI Sideris, CG Taylor, FA Aprile, S Muyldermans, TPJ Knowles, M Vendruscolo, C Bryant, K Blennow, I Skoog, S Kern, H Zetterberg, D Klenerman
– Acta Neuropathol Commun
Leveraging heterogeneous data from GHS toxicity annotations, molecular and protein target descriptors and Tox21 assay readouts to predict and rationalise acute toxicity
CHG Allen, LH Mervin, SY Mahmoud, A Bender
– Journal of cheminformatics
The free energy landscape of the oncogene protein E7 of human papillomavirus type 16 reveals a complex interplay between ordered and disordered regions.
P Kukic, GM Lo Piccolo, MO Nogueira, DI Svergun, M Vendruscolo, IC Felli, R Pierattelli
– Scientific Reports
Revisiting the charge compensation mechanisms in LiNi0.8Co0.2-: YAlyO2 systems
ZW Lebens-Higgins, NV Faenza, MD Radin, H Liu, S Sallis, J Rana, J Vinckeviciute, PJ Reeves, MJ Zuba, F Badway, N Pereira, KW Chapman, TL Lee, T Wu, CP Grey, BC Melot, A Van Der Ven, GG Amatucci, W Yang, LFJ Piper
– Materials Horizons
Novel Small Molecules Targeting the Intrinsically Disordered Structural Ensemble of α-Synuclein Protect Against Diverse α-Synuclein Mediated Dysfunctions
G Tóth, T Neumann, A Berthet, E Masliah, B Spencer, J Tao, MF Jobling, SJ Gardai, CW Bertoncini, N Cremades, M Bova, S Ballaron, X-H Chen, W Mao, P Nguyen, MC Tabios, MA Tambe, J-C Rochet, H-D Junker, D Schwizer, R Sekul, I Ott, JP Anderson, B Szoke, W Hoffman, J Christodoulou, T Yednock, DA Agard, D Schenk, L McConlogue
– Scientific Reports
Scalable integration of nano-, and microfluidics with hybrid two-photon lithography
O Vanderpoorten, Q Peter, PK Challa, UF Keyser, J Baumberg, CF Kaminski, TPJ Knowles
– Microsyst Nanoeng
Revealing the intrinsic nature of the mid-gap defects in amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5
K Konstantinou, FC Mocanu, T-H Lee, SR Elliott
– Nat Commun
Trodusquemine enhances Aβ 42 aggregation but suppresses its toxicity by displacing oligomers from cell membranes
R Limbocker, S Chia, FS Ruggeri, M Perni, R Cascella, GT Heller, G Meisl, B Mannini, J Habchi, TCT Michaels, PK Challa, M Ahn, ST Casford, N Fernando, CK Xu, ND Kloss, SIA Cohen, JR Kumita, C Cecchi, M Zasloff, S Linse, TPJ Knowles, F Chiti, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson
– Nature communications
A comparative study using state-of-the-art electronic structure theories on solid hydrogen phases under high pressures
K Liao, XZ Li, A Alavi, A Grüneis
– npj Computational Materials
An Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Exhibiting Electrical Conduction and Single-Ion-Magnetism
Y Shen, G Cosquer, H Ito, DC Izuogu, AJW Thom, T Ina, T Uruga, T Yoshida, S Takaishi, BK Breedlove, Z-Y Li, M Yamashita
– Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Two-component assembly of recognition-encoded oligomers that form stable H-bonded duplexes.
L Gabrielli, D Núñez-Villanueva, CA Hunter
– Chemical Science
Polar surface structure of oxide nanocrystals revealed with solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
J Chen, X-P Wu, MA Hope, K Qian, DM Halat, T Liu, Y Li, L Shen, X Ke, Y Wen, J-H Du, PCMM Magusin, S Paul, W Ding, X-Q Gong, CP Grey, L Peng
– Nature Communications
Preferential binding of unsaturated hydrocarbons in aryl-bisimidazolium$cucurbit[8]uril complexes furbishes evidence for small-molecule pi-pi interactions
SJ Barrow, KI Assaf, A Palma, WM Nau, OA Scherman
– Chemical Science
Cover Feature: Multiple‐Porphyrin Functionalized Hexabenzocoronenes (Chem. Eur. J. 66/2019)
MM Martin, D Lungerich, F Hampel, J Langer, TK Ronson, N Jux
– Chemistry - A European Journal