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NOTCH-mediated non-cell autonomous regulation of chromatin structure during senescence
AJ Parry, M Hoare, D Bihary, R Hänsel-Hertsch, S Smith, K Tomimatsu, E Mannion, A Smith, P D'Santos, IA Russell, S Balasubramanian, H Kimura, SA Samarajiwa, M Narita
– Nature Communications
Anionic surfactant induced desorption of a cationic surfactant from mica
FJ Allen, CL Truscott, RJL Welbourn, SM Clarke
– Applied Clay Science
The use of strontium ferrite in chemical looping systems
E Marek, W Hu, M Gaultois, CP Grey, SA Scott
– Applied Energy
Gaussian approximation potential modeling of lithium intercalation in carbon nanostructures
S Fujikake, VL Deringer, TH Lee, M Krynski, SR Elliott, G Csányi
– Journal of Chemical Physics
Photonics in Nature: From Order to Disorder
VE Johansen, OD Onelli, LM Steiner, S Vignolini
Rapid Growth of Acetylated Aβ(16-20) into Macroscopic Crystals.
C Bortolini, LH Klausen, SV Hoffmann, NC Jones, D Saadeh, Z Wang, TPJ Knowles, M Dong
– ACS Nano
The origin of radiation tolerance in amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 phase-change random-access memory material
K Konstantinou, TH Lee, FC Mocanu, SR Elliott
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
A comparison of choline:urea and choline:oxalic acid deep eutectic solvents at 338 K
M Gilmore, LM Moura, AH Turner, M Swadźba-Kwaśny, SK Callear, JA McCune, OA Scherman, JD Holbrey
– Journal of Chemical Physics
Probing the competition between duplex and G-quadruplex/i-motif structures using a conformation-sensitive fluorescent nucleoside probe.
PM Sabale, AA Tanpure, SG Srivatsan
– Org Biomol Chem
A simulation study of CS<inf>2</inf>solutions in two related ionic liquids with dications and monocations
RM Lynden-Bell, EL Quitevis
– Journal of Chemical Physics
Biomimetic Supramolecular Fibers Exhibit Water-Induced Supercontraction.
Y Wu, DU Shah, B Wang, J Liu, X Ren, MH Ramage, OA Scherman
– Adv Mater
An X-ray and Neutron Reflectometry Study of Iron Corrosion in Seawater.
MH Wood, TJ Wood, RJL Welbourn, J Poon, DC Madden, SM Clarke
– Langmuir
Realistic Atomistic Structure of Amorphous Silicon from Machine-Learning-Driven Molecular Dynamics
VL Deringer, N Bernstein, AP Bartók, MJ Cliffe, RN Kerber, LE Marbella, CP Grey, SR Elliott, G Csányi
– Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Recent Developments and Applications of the Chiral Bronsted Acid Catalyzed Allylboration of Carbonyl Compounds
DM Sedgwick, MN Grayson, S Fustero, P Barrio
– Synthesis (Germany)
Patterned Arrays of Supramolecular Microcapsules
J Zhang, J Liu, Z Yu, S Chen, OA Scherman, C Abell
– Advanced Functional Materials
Organic Photocatalysis for the Radical Couplings of Boronic Acid Derivatives in Batch and Flow
F Lima, L Grunenberg, HBA Rahman, R Labes, J Sedelmeier, SV Ley
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Similarity Between Amorphous and Crystalline Phases: The Case of TiO2.
J Mavračić, FC Mocanu, VL Deringer, G Csányi, SR Elliott
– Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Cooperative assembly of Hsp70 subdomain clusters.
MA Wright, FA Aprile, MM Bellaiche, TCT Michaels, T Müller, P Arosio, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
– Biochemistry
Effect of stacking faults on the photoluminescence spectrum of zincblende GaN
SA Church, S Hammersley, PW Mitchell, MJ Kappers, LY Lee, F Massabuau, SL Sahonta, M Frentrup, LJ Shaw, DJ Wallis, CJ Humphreys, RA Oliver, DJ Binks, P Dawson
– Journal of Applied Physics
A Rationally Designed Hsp70 Variant Rescues the Aggregation-Associated Toxicity of Human IAPP in Cultured Pancreatic Islet β-Cells.
MN Bongiovanni, FA Aprile, P Sormanni, M Vendruscolo
– International journal of molecular sciences