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The molecular processes underpinning prion-like spreading and seed amplification in protein aggregation.
D Klenerman
– Current Opinion in Neurobiology
Aurora A Kinase in complex with ATP in space group P41212
M Janecek, M Rossmann, P Sharma, A Emery, G McKenzie, D Huggins, S Stockwell, JA Stokes, EG Almeida, B Hardwick, AJ Narvaez, M Hyvonen, DR Spring, A Venkitaraman
Non-equilibrium ab initio molecular-dynamics simulations of lattice thermal conductivity in glassy Ge2Sb2Te5
FC Mocanu, K Konstantinou, S Elliott
– Applied Physics Letters
Boundary layer new particle formation over East Antarctic sea ice – possible Hg-driven nucleation?
NRP Harris
Diagnosing the radiative and chemical contributions to future changes in tropical column ozone with the UM-UKCA chemistry-climate model
J Keeble
Anion Exchange Renders Hydrophobic Capsules and Cargoes Water-Soluble
JR Nitschke, EG Percástegui
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Nitrate radicals and biogenic volatile organic compounds: oxidation, mechanisms and organic aerosol
NL Ng, SS Brown, AT Archibald, E Atlas, RC Cohen, JN Crowley, DA Day, NM Donahue, JL Fry, H Fuchs, RJ Griffin, MI Guzman, H Hermann, A Hodzic, Y Iinuma, JL Jimenez, A Kiendler-Scharr, BH Lee, DJ Luecken, J Mao, R McLaren, A Mutzel, HD Osthoff, B Ouyang, B Picquet-Varrault, U Platt, HOT Pye, Y Rudich, RH Schwantes, M Shiraiwa, J Stutz, JA Thornton, A Tilgner, BJ Williams, RA Zaveri
SL Latty
Development of Inhibitors Against Mycobacterium Abscessus tRNA (m1G37) Methyltransferase (TrmD) Using Fragment-Based Approaches
AJ Whitehouse, SE Thomas, KP Brown, A Fanourakis, D Chan, MDJ Libardo, V Mendes, HIM Boshoff, RA Floto, C Abell, TL Blundell, A Coyne
Crystal structure of CK2alpha with 3-(3-chloro-4-(phenyl)benzylamino)propan-1-ol bound
P Brear, C De Fusco, KH Georgiou, D Spring, M Hyvonen
Extraction and integration of genetic networks from short-profile omic datasets
J Iacovacci, A Peluso, T Ebbels, M Ralser, RC Glen
Design principles for super selectivity using multivalent interactions
T Curk, J Dobnikar, D Frenkel
Structural transitions in dense disordered silicon from quantum-accurate ultra-large-scale simulations
VL Deringer, N Bernstein, G Csányi, M Wilson, DA Drabold, SR Elliott
$\textit{Ab initio}$ study of phosphorus anodes for lithium and sodium-ion batteries
M Mayo, KJ Griffith, CJ Pickard, AJ Morris
Evaluating stratospheric ozone and water vapor changes in CMIP6 models from 1850–2100
J Keeble, B Hassler, A Banerjee, R Checa-Garcia, G Chiodo, S Davis, V Eyring, PT Griffiths, O Morgenstern, P Nowack, G Zeng, J Zhang, G Bodeker, D Cugnet, G Danabasoglu, M Deushi, LW Horowitz, L Li, M Michou, MJ Mills, P Nabat, S Park, T Wu
Polymeric raspberry-like particles via template-assisted polymerisation
Y Lan, J Liu, E Eiser, O Scherman
– Polymer Chemistry
Heterogeneous reaction of ClONO<sub>2</sub> with TiO<sub>2</sub> and SiO<sub>2</sub> aerosol particles: implications for stratospheric particle injection for climate engineering
MJ Tang, J Keeble, PJ Telford, FD Pope, P Braesicke, PT Griffiths, NL Abraham, J McGregor, IM Watson, RA Cox, JA Pyle, M Kalberer
Variational autoencoders for tissue heterogeneity exploration from (almost) no preprocessed mass spectrometry imaging data
P Inglese, JL Alexander, A Mroz, Z Takats, R Glen
– arXiv
Tropospheric ozone in CMIP6 Simulations
PT Griffiths, LT Murray, G Zeng, AT Archibald, LK Emmons, I Galbally, B Hassler, LW Horowitz, J Keeble, J Liu, O Moeini, V Naik, FM O&amp;apos;Connor, YM Shin, D Tarasick, S Tilmes, ST Turnock, O Wild, PJ Young, P Zanis
A first-principles study on the lattice thermal conductivity of irradiated glassy states of the Ge$_2$Sb$_2$Te$_5$ phase-change memory material
FC Mocanu, K Konstantinou, SR Elliott