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Post-transcriptional labeling by using Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling generates functional RNA probes.
MB Walunj, AA Tanpure, SG Srivatsan
– Nucleic acids research
Exfoliation of Layered Na-Ion Anode Material Na2Ti3O7 for Enhanced Capacity and Cyclability
MA Tsiamtsouri, PK Allan, AJ Pell, JM Stratford, G Kim, RN Kerber, PCMM Magusin, DA Jefferson, CP Grey
– Chemistry of Materials
Anomalous-Diffusion-Assisted Brightness in White Cellulose Nanofibril Membranes.
MS Toivonen, OD Onelli, G Jacucci, V Lovikka, OJ Rojas, O Ikkala, S Vignolini
– Adv Mater
Protein-peptide association kinetics beyond the seconds timescale from atomistic simulations (vol 8, 2017)
F Paul, C Wehmeyer, ET Abualrous, H Wu, MD Crabtree, J Schöneberg, J Clarke, C Freund, TR Weikl, F Noé
– Nat Commun
Diophantine Approach to the Classification of Two-Dimensional Lattices: Surfaces of Face-Centered Cubic Materials.
SJ Jenkins
– Langmuir
eMolTox: prediction of molecular toxicity with confidence.
C Ji, F Svensson, A Zoufir, A Bender
– Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)
Terahertz VRT spectroscopy of the water hexamer-d<inf>12</inf>prism: Dramatic enhancement of bifurcation tunneling upon librational excitation
WTS Cole, JD Farrell, AA Sheikh, Ö Yönder, RS Fellers, MR Viant, DJ Wales, RJ Saykally
– Journal of Chemical Physics
ARTN 094301
Corneal Dystrophy Mutations Drive Pathogenesis by Targeting TGFBIp Stability and Solubility in a Latent Amyloid-forming Domain.
M Stenvang, NP Schafer, KG Malmos, A-MW Pérez, O Niembro, P Sormanni, RV Basaiawmoit, G Christiansen, M Andreasen, DE Otzen
– Journal of molecular biology
Model simulations of the chemical and aerosol microphysical evolution of the Sarychev Peak 2009 eruption cloud compared to in situ and satellite observations
T Lurton, F Jégou, G Berthet, JB Renard, L Clarisse, A Schmidt, C Brogniez, TJ Roberts
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Publisher Correction: The polyglutamine protein ataxin-3 enables normal growth under heat shock conditions in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris.
M Bonanomi, V Roffia, A De Palma, A Lombardi, FA Aprile, C Visentin, P Tortora, P Mauri, ME Regonesi
– Scientific reports
Mitotic spindle association of TACC3 requires Aurora-A-dependent stabilization of a cryptic α-helix.
SG Burgess, M Mukherjee, S Sabir, N Joseph, C Gutiérrez-Caballero, MW Richards, N Huguenin-Dezot, JW Chin, EJ Kennedy, M Pfuhl, SJ Royle, F Gergely, R Bayliss
– EMBO Journal
A General, Rhodium-Catalyzed, Synthesis of Deuterated Boranes and N-Methyl Polyaminoboranes
AL Colebatch, BW Hawkey Gilder, GR Whittell, NL Oldroyd, I Manners, AS Weller
– Chemistry
Bioinspired Total Synthesis of Bussealin E.
DG Twigg, L Baldassarre, EC Frye, WRJD Galloway, DR Spring
– Organic Letters
Block Copolymer Micelles for Photonic Fluids and Crystals.
M Poutanen, G Guidetti, TI Gröschel, OV Borisov, S Vignolini, O Ikkala, AH Gröschel
– ACS Nano
Three-dimensional localization of nanoscale battery reactions using soft X-ray tomography.
Y-S Yu, M Farmand, C Kim, Y Liu, CP Grey, FC Strobridge, T Tyliszczak, R Celestre, P Denes, J Joseph, H Krishnan, FRNC Maia, ALD Kilcoyne, S Marchesini, TPC Leite, T Warwick, H Padmore, J Cabana, DA Shapiro
– Nature Communications
Prospects for reconstructing paleoenvironmental conditions from organic compounds in polar snow and ice
C Giorio, N Kehrwald, C Barbante, M Kalberer, ACF King, ER Thomas, EW Wolff, P Zennaro
– Quaternary Science Reviews
Data-driven approaches used for compound library design, hit triage and bioactivity modeling in high-throughput screening.
S Paricharak, O Méndez-Lucio, A Chavan Ravindranath, A Bender, AP IJzerman, GJP van Westen
– Briefings in bioinformatics
The Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2016 (vol 34, pg 368, 2017)
S Godin-Beekmann, I Petropavlovskikh, S Reis, P Newman, W Steinbrecht, M Rex, ML Santee, RS Eckman, X Zheng, MB Tully, DS Stevenson, P Young, J Pyle, M Weber, J Tamminen, G Mills, AF Bais, C Heaviside, C Zerefos
– Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
Loving the poison: the methylcitrate cycle and bacterial pathogenesis.
SK Dolan, A Wijaya, SM Geddis, DR Spring, R Silva-Rocha, M Welch
– Microbiology
Capturing resting T cells: the perils of PLL
AM Santos, A Ponjavic, M Fritzsche, RA Fernandes, JB de la Serna, MJ Wilcock, F Schneider, I Urbančič, J McColl, C Anzilotti, KA Ganzinger, M Aßmann, D Depoil, RJ Cornall, ML Dustin, D Klenerman, SJ Davis, C Eggeling, SF Lee
– Nature Immunology