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Innovation in Small-Molecule-Druggable Chemical Space: Where are the Initial Modulators of New Targets Published?
SK Ashenden, T kogej, O Engkvist, A Bender
– Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Analytical SERS: General discussion
H Aitchison, J Aizpurua, H Arnolds, J Baumberg, S Bell, A Bonifacio, R Chikkaraddy, P Dawson, B de Nijs, V Deckert, I Delfino, G Di Martino, O Eremina, K Faulds, A Fountain, S Gawinkowski, M Gomez Castano, R Goodacre, J Gracie, D Graham, J Guicheteau, L Hardwick, M Hardy, C Heck, L Jamieson, M Kamp, A Keeler, C Kuttner, J Langer, S Mahajan, N Martín Sabanés, K Murakoshi, M Porter, G Schatz, S Schlücker, Z Tian, A Tripathi, R Van Duyne, P Vikesland
– Faraday Discussions
Theory of SERS enhancement: general discussion.
D Graham, R Goodacre, H Arnolds, J-F Masson, G Schatz, J Baumberg, D-H Kim, J Aizpurua, W Lum, A Silvestri, B de Nijs, Y Xu, G Di Martino, M Natan, S Schlücker, P Wuytens, I Bruzas, C Kuttner, M Hardy, R Chikkaraddy, N Martín Sabanés, I Delfino, P Dawson, S Gawinkowski, N Bontempi, S Mahajan, S Reich, B Hourahine, S Bell, A Królikowska, M Porter, A Keeler, M Kamp, A Fountain, C Fasolato, F Giorgis, JC Otero, C Matricardi, R Van Duyne, J Lombardi, V Deckert, L Velleman
– Faraday Discussions
Precise Probing of Residue Roles by Post-Translational β,γ-C,N Aza-Michael Mutagenesis in Enzyme Active Sites.
J Dadová, K-J Wu, PG Isenegger, JC Errey, GJL Bernardes, JM Chalker, L Raich, C Rovira, BG Davis
– ACS central science
A study of the dense uniform electron gas with high orders of coupled cluster.
VA Neufeld, AJW Thom
– The Journal of chemical physics
Ionothermal Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Chemical Bonding of the Rhodium-Centered Clusters [RhBi9](4+) and [(RhBi7)I-8]
MF Groh, U Müller, A Isaeva, M Ruck
– Zeitschrift fur Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie
Highlights from Faraday Discussion FDSERS17: Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering-SERS, Glasgow, UK, 30th August-1st September 2017
G Di Martino, H Fleming, M Kamp, F Lussier
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Optimal Design of Experiments by Combining Coarse and Fine Measurements
AA Lee, MP Brenner, LJ Colwell
– Phys Rev Lett
Structural properties of transition-metal clusters via force-biased Monte Carlo and ab initio calculations: A comparative study
DK Limbu, R Atta-Fynn, DA Drabold, SR Elliott, P Biswas
– Physical Review B
ARTN 174208
Innovation in Small-Molecule-Druggable Chemical Space: Where are the Initial Modulators of New Targets Published?
SK Ashenden, T Kogej, O Engkvist, A Bender
– J Chem Inf Model
MobiDB 3.0: more annotations for intrinsic disorder, conformational diversity and interactions in proteins.
D Piovesan, F Tabaro, L Paladin, M Necci, I Micetic, C Camilloni, N Davey, Z Dosztányi, B Mészáros, AM Monzon, G Parisi, E Schad, P Sormanni, P Tompa, M Vendruscolo, WF Vranken, SCE Tosatto
– Nucleic acids research
Visible-Light-Mediated Annulation of Electron-Rich Alkenes and Nitrogen-Centered Radicals from N-Sulfonylallylamines: Construction of Chloromethylated Pyrrolidine Derivatives
LNS Crespin, A Greb, DC Blakemore, SV Ley
– J Org Chem
Infrared spectroscopy of ammonia on iron: Adsorption, synthesis, and the influence of oxygen
P Iyngaran, DC Madden, DA King, SJ Jenkins
– Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Symmetry and Structure of Cubic Semiconductor Surfaces
SJ Jenkins
– Langmuir
Clusterin protects neurons against intracellular proteotoxicity.
JM Gregory, DR Whiten, RA Brown, TP Barros, JR Kumita, JJ Yerbury, S Satapathy, K McDade, C Smith, LM Luheshi, CM Dobson, MR Wilson
– Acta Neuropathologica Communications
Single-Molecule Analysis of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Stoichiometry: Approaches and Limitations
JH Felce, SJ Davis, D Klenerman
– Trends Pharmacol Sci
Control of actin polymerization via the coincidence of phosphoinositides and high membrane curvature.
F Daste, A Walrant, MR Holst, JR Gadsby, J Mason, J-E Lee, D Brook, M Mettlen, E Larsson, SF Lee, R Lundmark, JL Gallop
– The Journal of cell biology
Application of Lysine-specific Labeling to Detect Transient Interactions Present During Human Lysozyme Amyloid Fibril Formation.
M Ahn, CA Waudby, A Bernardo-Gancedo, E De Genst, A Dhulesia, X Salvatella, J Christodoulou, CM Dobson, JR Kumita
– Scientific reports
Blockable Zn 10 L 15 Ion Channels through Subcomponent Self-Assembly
CJE Haynes, J Zhu, C Chimerel, S Hernández-Ainsa, IA Riddell, TK Ronson, UF Keyser, JR Nitschke
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Structure and Thermodynamics of Metal Clusters on Atomically Smooth Substrates
M Eckhoff, D Schebarchov, DJ Wales
– J Phys Chem Lett