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Combining the Transcorrelated Method with Full Configuration Interaction Quantum Monte Carlo: Application to the Homogeneous Electron Gas.
H Luo, A Alavi
– J Chem Theory Comput
Shedding light on aberrant interactions - a review of modern tools for studying protein aggregates
F Kundel, L Tosatto, DR Whiten, DC Wirthensohn, MH Horrocks, D Klenerman
– The FEBS journal
Multi-model comparison of the volcanic sulfate deposition from the 1815 eruption of Mt. Tambora
L Marshall, A Schmidt, M Toohey, KS Carslaw, GW Mann, M Sigl, M Khodri, C Timmreck, D Zanchettin, WT Ball, S Bekki, J Brooke, S Dhomse, C Johnson, JF Lamarque, AN Legrande, MJ Mills, U Niemeier, JO Pope, V Poulain, A Robock, E Rozanov, A Stenke, T Sukhodolov, S Tilmes, K Tsigaridis, F Tummon
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Evolution of the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface of LiNi<inf>0.8</inf>Co<inf>0.15</inf>Al<inf>0.05</inf>O<inf>2</inf>Electrodes Due to Electrochemical and Thermal Stress
ZW Lebens-Higgins, S Sallis, NV Faenza, F Badway, N Pereira, DM Halat, M Wahila, C Schlueter, TL Lee, W Yang, CP Grey, GG Amatucci, LFJ Piper
– Chemistry of Materials
Modifying the donor properties of tris(pyridyl)aluminates in lanthanide(II) sandwich compounds
R García-Rodríguez, S Kopf, DS Wright
– Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)
New horizons for cellulose nanotechnology.
SJ Eichhorn, SS Rahatekar, S Vignolini, AH Windle
– Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci
ARTN 20170200
Holomorphic Hartree-Fock Theory: The Nature of Two-Electron Problems.
HGA Burton, M Gross, AJW Thom
– Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
TEMPORARY REMOVAL: Massively parallel C. elegans tracking provides multi-dimensional fingerprints for phenotypic discovery.
M Perni, PK Challa, JB Kirkegaard, R Limbocker, M Koopman, MC Hardenberg, P Sormanni, T Müller, KL Saar, LWY Roode, J Habchi, G Vecchi, NW Fernando, S Casford, EAA Nollen, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
– J Neurosci Methods
Lennard–Jones Lecture 2017<sup>*</sup><sup>*</sup>
RM Lynden-Bell
– Molecular Physics
Targeting multiple effector pathways in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma with a G-quadruplex-binding small molecule
C Marchetti, KG Zyner, SA Ohnmacht, M Robson, SM Haider, JP Morton, G Marsico, T Vo, S Laughlin-Toth, AA Ahmed, G Di Vita, I Pazitna, M Gunaratnam, RJ Besser, ACG Andrade, S Diocou, JA Pike, D Tannahill, RB Pedley, TRJ Evans, WD Wilson, S Balasubramanian, S Neidle
– J Med Chem
Droplet microfluidics for the highly controlled synthesis of branched gold nanoparticles.
S Abalde-Cela, P Taladriz-Blanco, MG de Oliveira, C Abell
– Scientific reports
Analysis of ruthenium anticancer agents by MEEKC-UV and MEEKC-ICP-MS: impact of structural motifs on lipophilicity and biological activity.
K Giringer, HU Holtkamp, S Movassaghi, WDJ Tremlett, NYS Lam, M Kubanik, CG Hartinger
– Electrophoresis
Selective Anion Extraction and Recovery Using a FeII4L4Cage.
D Zhang, TK Ronson, J Mosquera, A Martinez, JR Nitschke
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Toward aplyronine payloads for antibody-drug conjugates: total synthesis of aplyronines A and D.
N AnŽiček, S Williams, MP Housden, I Paterson
– Org Biomol Chem
Evaluating the relationship between climate change and volcanism
CL Cooper, GT Swindles, IP Savov, A Schmidt, KL Bacon
– Earth-Science Reviews
Linking attractive interactions and confinement to the rheological response of suspended particles close to jamming
MA Jones, C Ness
– Granular Matter
Bifunctional fluorescent probes for detection of amyloid aggregates and reactive oxygen species
L-M Needham, J Weber, JWB Fyfe, OM Kabia, DT Do, E Klimont, Y Zhang, M Rodrigues, CM Dobson, S Ghandi, SE Bohndiek, TN Snaddon, SF Lee
– Royal Society open science
Atlantic Multi-decadal Variability and the UK ACSIS programme
RT Sutton, GD McCarthy, J Robson, B Sinha, AT Archibald, LJ Gray
– Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
The Effect of Water on Quinone Redox Mediators in Nonaqueous Li-O
T Liu, JT Frith, G Kim, RN Kerber, N Dubouis, Y Shao, Z Liu, PCMM Magusin, MTL Casford, N Garcia-Araez, CP Grey
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
The small heat shock protein Hsp27 binds α-synuclein fibrils, preventing elongation and cytotoxicity.
D Cox, DR Whiten, J Brown, MH Horrocks, R San Gil, CM Dobson, D Klenerman, AM van Oijen, H Ecroyd
– J Biol Chem