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Droplet-based microfluidic screening and sorting of microalgal populations for strain engineering applications
Z Yu, K Geisler, T Leontidou, REB Young, SE Vonlanthen, S Purton, C Abell, AG Smith
– Algal Research
Single molecule imaging of protein aggregation in dementia: Methods, insights and prospects
JSH Danial, D Klenerman
– Neurobiology of disease
Old inspires new: activation and stabilization of iodine in diene-based rubbers
R Li, Z Wang, Y Wang
– The Innovation
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) allow sensitive differentiation of biological soil quality
RW Brown, ID Bull, T Journeaux, DR Chadwick, DL Jones
– Soil Biology and Biochemistry
An Evaluation of Corrosion Processes Affecting Copper-Coated Nuclear Waste Containers in a Deep Geological Repository
DS Hall, M Behazin, W Jeffrey Binns, PG Keech
– Progress in Materials Science
Diffusiophoresis in complex and confined fluids
S Ramirez Hinestrosa
A new design for living cell-based biosensors: Microgels with a selectively permeable shell that can harbor bacterial species
S Zhao, H Wen, Y Ou, M Li, L Wang, H Zhou, B Di, Z Yu, C Hu
– Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
Understanding protein misfolding diseases through the development of biophysical methods
R Lessa Cataldi
Orientation analysis of sum frequency generation spectra of di-chain phospholipids: Effect of the second acyl chain
AP Fellows, MTL Casford, PB Davies
– AIP Advances
Influence of surfactants on a pre-adsorbed cationic layer: removal and modi fication
FJ Allen, CL Truscott, RJL Welbourn, SM Clarke
– Journal of colloid and interface science
Towards understanding antimicrobial activity, cytotoxicity and the mode of action of dichapetalins A and M using in silico and in vitro studies.
MA Chama, D Modos, LH Mervin, KB-A Owusu, DM Ayine-Tora, B Egyir, L Paemka, G Yankson, M Ohashi, AM Afzal, A Bender
– Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology
Allosteric Antagonist Modulation of TRPV2 by Piperlongumine Impairs Glioblastoma Progression
J Conde, RA Pumroy, C Baker, T Rodrigues, A Guerreiro, BB Sousa, MC Marques, BP de Almeida, S Lee, EP Leites, D Picard, A Samanta, SH Vaz, F Sieglitz, M Langini, M Remke, R Roque, T Weiss, M Weller, Y Liu, S Han, F Corzana, VA Morais, CC Faria, T Carvalho, P Filippakopoulos, B Snijder, NL Barbosa-Morais, VY Moiseenkova-Bell, GJL Bernardes
– ACS Central Science
Screening of algal cells using microdroplet technology
T Leontidou
Cages meet gels: smart materials with dual porosity
I Jahović, Y-Q Zou, S Adorinni, J Nitschke, S Marchesan
– Cell
Shortwave infrared-absorbing squaraine dyes for all-organic optical upconversion devices
K Strassel, W-H Hu, S Osbild, D Padula, D Rentsch, S Yakunin, Y Shynkarenko, M Kovalenko, F Nüesch, R Hany, M Bauer
– Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
Increased respiratory morbidity associated with exposure to a mature volcanic plume from a large Icelandic fissure eruption.
HK Carlsen, E Ilyinskaya, PJ Baxter, A Schmidt, T Thorsteinsson, MA Pfeffer, S Barsotti, F Dominici, RG Finnbjornsdottir, T Jóhannsson, T Aspelund, T Gislason, U Valdimarsdóttir, H Briem, T Gudnason
– Nature communications
Computational Amperometry of Nanoscale Capacitors in Molecular Simulations
T Dufils, M Sprik, M Salanne
Uncertainty in protein–ligand binding constants: asymmetric confidence intervals versus standard errors
V Paketurytė, V Petrauskas, A Zubrienė, O Abian, M Bastos, W-Y Chen, MJ Moreno, G Krainer, V Linkuvienė, A Sedivy, A Velazquez-Campoy, MA Williams, D Matulis
– European Biophysics Journal
A mistranslation-prone transcriptome underlying polyglutamine expansion diseases.
F Buhr, PS Ciryam, M Vendruscolo
– Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol
Learning the molecular grammar of protein condensates from sequence determinants and embeddings.
KL Saar, AS Morgunov, R Qi, WE Arter, G Krainer, AA Lee, TPJ Knowles
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences