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Understanding protein misfolding diseases through the development of biophysical methods
R Lessa Cataldi
Influence of surfactants on a pre-adsorbed cationic layer: Removal and modification
FJ Allen, CL Truscott, RJL Welbourn, SM Clarke
– Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Interactions of α-synuclein oligomers with lipid membranes
G Musteikytė, AK Jayaram, CK Xu, M Vendruscolo, G Krainer, TPJ Knowles
– Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes
Real-time bioprocess monitoring using a mid-infrared fibre-optic sensor
F Alimagham, J Winterburn, B Dolman, PM Domingues, F Everest, M Platkov, S Basov, G Izakson, A Katzir, SR Elliott, T Hutter
– Biochemical Engineering Journal
Opsins and gonadal circadian rhythm in the swordfish (Xiphias gladius) ovary: Their potential roles in puberty and reproductive seasonality.
D Basili, G Gioacchini, V Todisco, M Candelma, L Marisaldi, L Pappalardo, O Carnevali
– Gen Comp Endocrinol
Conquering peaks and illuminating depths: developing stereocontrolled organic reactions to unlock nature’s macrolide treasure trove
N Lam, T Stockdale, M Anketell, I Paterson
– Chemical Communications
Single-Molecule Light-Sheet Microscopy with Local Nanopipette Delivery.
B Li, A Ponjavic, W-H Chen, L Hopkins, C Hughes, Y Ye, C Bryant, D Klenerman
– Anal Chem
Reentrant liquid condensate phase of proteins is stabilized by hydrophobic and non-ionic interactions.
G Krainer, TJ Welsh, JA Joseph, JR Espinosa, S Wittmann, E de Csilléry, A Sridhar, Z Toprakcioglu, G Gudiškytė, MA Czekalska, WE Arter, J Guillén-Boixet, TM Franzmann, S Qamar, PS George-Hyslop, AA Hyman, R Collepardo-Guevara, S Alberti, TPJ Knowles
– Nat Commun
The growth and shrinkage of water droplets at the oil-solid interface.
R Zhang, W Liao, Y Wang, Y Wang, D Ian Wilson, SM Clarke, Z Yang
– Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Mechanistic study of an immobilized molecular electrocatalyst by in situ gap-plasmon-assisted spectro-electrochemistry
D Wright, Q Lin, D Berta, T Földes, A Wagner, J Griffiths, C Readman, E Rosta, E Reisner, JJ Baumberg
– Nature Catalysis
Valency and Binding Affinity Variations Can Regulate the Multilayered Organization of Protein Condensates with Many Components
I Sanchez-Burgos, JR Espinosa, JA Joseph, R Collepardo-Guevara
– Biomolecules
Corrosion inhibition of steel in seawater through surface phosphate formed from oil
J Poon, D Madden, R Welbourn, F Allen, F Khan, H Sonke, S Clarke
– Surface and Coatings Technology
Homogeneous Reforming of Aqueous Ethylene Glycol to Glycolic Acid and Pure Hydrogen Catalyzed by Pincer-Ruthenium Complexes Capable of Metal-Ligand Cooperation.
Y-Q Zou, N von Wolff, M Rauch, M Feller, Q-Q Zhou, A Anaby, Y Diskin-Posner, LJW Shimon, L Avram, Y Ben-David, D Milstein
– Chemistry - A European Journal
Deep diversification of an AAV capsid protein by machine learning
DH Bryant, A Bashir, S Sinai, NK Jain, PJ Ogden, PF Riley, GM Church, LJ Colwell, ED Kelsic
– Nature Biotechnology
The docking of synaptic vesicles on the presynaptic membrane induced by α-synuclein is modulated by lipid composition.
WK Man, B Tahirbegi, MD Vrettas, S Preet, L Ying, M Vendruscolo, A De Simone, G Fusco
– Nature Communications
Lysozyme Fibrils Alter the Mechanism of Insulin Amyloid Aggregation.
M Ziaunys, A Sakalauskas, T Sneideris, V Smirnovas
– Int J Mol Sci
Thermodynamics and kinetics of phase separation of protein-RNA mixtures by a minimal model
JA Joseph, JR Espinosa, I Sanchez-Burgos, A Garaizar, D Frenkel, R Collepardo-Guevara
– Biophysical Journal
Visible‐light Promoted C–O Bond Formation with an Integrated Carbon Nitride‐Nickel Heterogeneous Photocatalyst
A Vijeta, C Casadevall, S Roy, E Reisner
– Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Replication of Sequence Information in Synthetic Oligomers.
D Núñez-Villanueva, CA Hunter
– Accounts of Chemical Research
A small-molecule inhibitor of the BRCA2-RAD51 interaction modulates RAD51 assembly and potentiates DNA damage-induced cell death
DE Scott, NJ Francis-Newton, ME Marsh, AG Coyne, G Fischer, T Moschetti, A Bayly, TD Sharpe, KT Haas, L Barber, CR Valenzano, R Srinivasan, DJ Huggins, M Lee, A Emery, B Hardwick, M Ehebauer, A Esposito, L Pellegrini, T Perrior, G McKenzie, TL Blundell, M Hyvonen, J Skidmore, AR Venkitaraman, C Abell
– Cell Chemical Biology