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New horizons for cellulose nanotechnology.
SJ Eichhorn, SS Rahatekar, S Vignolini, AH Windle
– Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci
ARTN 20170200
Evaluating the relationship between climate change and volcanism
CL Cooper, GT Swindles, IP Savov, A Schmidt, KL Bacon
– Earth-Science Reviews
Quantified structural speciation in CoII6L4 cage systems
F Rizzuto, M Kieffer, J Nitschke
– Chemical Science
Quinoline-para-quinones and metals: coordination-assisted formation of quinoline-ortho-quinones.
M Kubanik, NYS Lam, HU Holtkamp, T Söhnel, RF Anderson, SMF Jamieson, CG Hartinger
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Structure, thermodynamics, and rearrangement mechanisms in gold clusters-insights from the energy landscapes framework.
D Schebarchov, F Baletto, DJ Wales
– Nanoscale
A microfluidic diffusion platform for characterizing the size of lipid vesicles and the thermodynamics of protein-lipid interactions.
H Gang, C Galvagnion, G Meisl, T Müller, AK Buell, A Levin, CM Dobson, B-Z Mu, TPJ Knowles
– Anal Chem
Power law tails in phylogenetic systems.
C Qin, LJ Colwell
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Nanoscale Carbon Modified α-MnO2 Nanowires: Highly Active and Stable Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts with Low Carbon Content.
JA Vigil, TN Lambert, J Duay, CJ Delker, TE Beechem, BS Swartzentruber
– ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Hsp70 inhibits the nucleation and elongation of tau and sequesters tau aggregates with high affinity.
F Kundel, S De, P Flagmeier, MH Horrocks, M Kjaergaard, SL Shammas, SE Jackson, CM Dobson, D Klenerman
– ACS Chem Biol
Reply to "Comment on 'Natural Bond Orbitals and the Nature of the Hydrogen Bond'".
AJ Stone, K Szalewicz
– J Phys Chem A
Climatic control on Icelandic volcanic activity during the mid-Holocene
GT Swindles, EJ Watson, IP Savov, IT Lawson, A Schmidt, A Hooper, CL Cooper, CB Connor, M Gloor, JL Carrivick
– Geology
Stochastic comparison of machine learning approaches to calibration of mobile air quality monitors
E Esposito, S De Vito, M Salvato, G Fattoruso, V Bright, RL Jones, O Popoola
– Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Microfluidics for protein biophysics.
J Charmet, P Arosio, TPJ Knowles
– Journal of molecular biology
Synapse loss in the prefrontal cortex is associated with cognitive decline in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
CM Henstridge, DI Sideris, E Carroll, S Rotariu, S Salomonsson, M Tzioras, C-A McKenzie, C Smith, CAF von Arnim, AC Ludolph, D Lulé, D Leighton, J Warner, E Cleary, J Newton, R Swingler, S Chandran, TH Gillingwater, S Abrahams, TL Spires-Jones
– Acta Neuropathologica
Identification of Novel Aurora Kinase A (AURKA) Inhibitors via Hierarchical Ligand-Based Virtual Screening.
Y Kong, A Bender, A Yan
– J Chem Inf Model
Revealing Local Dynamics of the Protonic Conductor CsH(PO3H) by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy and First-Principles Calculations
G Kim, JM Griffin, F Blanc, DM Halat, SM Haile, CP Grey
The use of fluoroproline in MUC1 antigen enables efficient detection of antibodies in patients with prostate cancer
VJ Somovilla, IA Bermejo, IS Albuquerque, N Martínez-Sáez, J Castro-López, F García-Martín, I Compañón, H Hinou, S-I Nishimura, J Jiménez-Barbero, JL Asensio, A Avenoza, JH Busto, R Hurtado-Guerrero, JM Peregrina, GJL Bernardes, F Corzana
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Single-Molecule Imaging of Wnt3A Protein Diffusion on Living Cell Membranes.
A Lippert, AA Janeczek, A Fürstenberg, A Ponjavic, WE Moerner, R Nusse, JA Helms, ND Evans, SF Lee
– Biophys J
Labeling and identifying cell-specific proteomes in the mouse brain.
TP Krogager, RJ Ernst, TS Elliott, L Calo, V Beránek, E Ciabatti, MG Spillantini, M Tripodi, MH Hastings, JW Chin
– Nature biotechnology
Chemical vapour deposition of freestanding sub-60 nm graphene gyroids
T Cebo, AI Aria, JA Dolan, RS Weatherup, K Nakanishi, PR Kidambi, G Divitini, C Ducati, U Steiner, S Hofmann
– Applied Physics Letters
ARTN 253103