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Detecting RNA base methylations in single cells by in situ hybridization.
RT Ranasinghe, MR Challand, KA Ganzinger, BW Lewis, C Softley, WH Schmied, MH Horrocks, N Shivji, JW Chin, J Spencer, D Klenerman
– Nature Communications
Gaussian approximation potential modeling of lithium intercalation in carbon nanostructures
S Fujikake, VL Deringer, TH Lee, M Krynski, SR Elliott, G Csányi
– Journal of Chemical Physics
Photonics in Nature: From Order to Disorder
VE Johansen, OD Onelli, LM Steiner, S Vignolini
A comparison of choline:urea and choline:oxalic acid deep eutectic solvents at 338 K
M Gilmore, LM Moura, AH Turner, M Swadźba-Kwaśny, SK Callear, JA McCune, OA Scherman, JD Holbrey
– Journal of Chemical Physics
Single-Molecule Light-Sheet Imaging of Suspended T Cells
SF Lee
– Biophysical Journal
Cucurbit[8]uril-Regulated Colloidal Dispersions Exhibiting Photocontrolled Rheological Behavior.
C Hu, J Liu, Y Wu, KR West, OA Scherman
– Small
A synthesis-enabled relative stereochemical assignment of the C1-C28 region of hemicalide
BY Han, NYS Lam, CI MacGregor, JM Goodman, I Paterson
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Liquid crystalline behaviour of self-assembled LAPONITE®/PLL-PEG nanocomposites.
P Xu, Y Lan, Z Xing, E Eiser
– Soft Matter
Promiscuous and selective: how intrinsically disordered BH3- proteins interact with their pro-survival partner MCL-1.
L Dahal, TOC Kwan, JJ Hollins, J Clarke
– Journal of molecular biology
Antiplasmodial and trypanocidal activity of violacein and deoxyviolacein produced from synthetic operons.
E Bilsland, TA Tavella, R Krogh, JE Stokes, A Roberts, J Ajioka, DR Spring, AD Andricopulo, FTM Costa, SG Oliver
– BMC Biotechnol
A systematic and prospectively validated approach for identifying synergistic drug combinations against malaria.
Y KalantarMotamedi, RT Eastman, R Guha, A Bender
– Malaria journal
Anharmonic acoustic effects during DNA hybridization on an electrochemical quartz crystal resonator
S Swarbrick, I Efimov, VP Ostanin, D Klenerman, A Stolzing, SK Ghosh
– Electrochimica Acta
Water-Dispersible Polydopamine-Coated Nanofibers for Stimulation of Neuronal Growth and Adhesion.
S Sieste, T Mack, CV Synatschke, C Schilling, C Meyer Zu Reckendorf, L Pendi, S Harvey, FS Ruggeri, TPJ Knowles, C Meier, DYW Ng, T Weil, B Knöll
– Adv Healthc Mater
Studies Towards the Synthesis of the Core of Endiandric Acid H
S Zheng, D Yang, R Zhu, DR Spring
– Chemistry of Natural Compounds
Energy transfer and photoluminescence properties of lanthanide-containing polyoxotitanate cages coordinated by salicylate ligands.
N Li, GS Subramanian, PD Matthews, J Xiao, V Chellappan, TE Rosser, E Reisner, H-K Luo, DS Wright
– Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)
Measurement of Tau Filament Fragmentation Provides Insights into Prion-like Spreading.
F Kundel, L Hong, B Falcon, WA McEwan, TCT Michaels, G Meisl, N Esteras, AY Abramov, TJP Knowles, M Goedert, D Klenerman
– ACS Chem Neurosci
The Intricate Case of Tetramethyleneethane: A FCIQMC Benchmark and Multireference Coupled Cluster Studies.
L Veis, A Antalík, Ö Legeza, A Alavi, J Pittner
– J Chem Theory Comput
Catalytic enantioselective Minisci-type addition to heteroarenes.
RSJ Proctor, HJ Davis, RJ Phipps
– Science
Tuning plasmons layer-by-layer for quantitative colloidal sensing with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
WJ Anderson, K Nowinska, T Hutter, S Mahajan, M Fischlechner
– Nanoscale
A new processing scheme for ultra-high resolution direct infusion mass spectrometry data
AT Zielinski, I Kourtchev, C Bortolini, SJ Fuller, C Giorio, OAM Popoola, S Bogialli, A Tapparo, RL Jones, M Kalberer
– Atmospheric Environment