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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Research Associate


Organic Fluorophores with Large Stokes Shift for the Visualization of Rapid Protein and Nucleic Acid Assays.
J Yang, Z Xu, L Yu, B Wang, R Hu, J Tang, J Lv, H Xiao, X Tan, G Wang, J-X Li, Y Liu, P-L Shao, B Zhang
– Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Site-Specific Modification of Single Domain Antibodies by Enzyme-Immobilized Magnetic Beads
S Zhou, X Fang, J Lv, Y Yang, Y Zeng, Y Liu, W Wei, G Huang, B Zhang, C Wu
– Bioconjugate Chemistry
Amplification-free microRNA profiling with femtomolar sensitivity on a plasmonic enhanced fluorescence nano-chip.
R Hu, Y Liu, G Wang, J Lv, J Yang, H Xiao, Y Liu, B Zhang
– Analytica Chimica Acta
Multiplexed discrimination of SARS-CoV-2 variants via plasmonic-enhanced fluorescence in a portable and automated device
Y Liu, Y Yang, G Wang, D Wang, P-L Shao, J Tang, T He, J Zheng, R Hu, Y Liu, Z Xu, D Niu, J Lv, J Yang, H Xiao, S Wu, S He, Z Tang, Y Liu, M Tang, X Jiang, J Yuan, H Dai, B Zhang
– Nature Biomedical Engineering
A Novel Cell Membrane-Associated RNA Extraction Method and Its Application in the Discovery of Breast Cancer Markers
J Lv, Y Liu, J Tang, H Xiao, R Hu, G Wang, D Niu, P-L Shao, J Yang, Z Jin, Z Xu, B Zhang
– Anal Chem
Multiplexed evaluation of immunity against SARS-CoV-2 variants using surface enhanced fluorescence from a nanostructured plasmonic chip.
R Hu, Y Yang, Y Liu, T Liao, Y Liu, J Tang, G Wang, G Wang, Y Liang, J Yuan, B Zhang
– Journal of nanobiotechnology
Rapid differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 variants on a nanotechnology enhanced DNA-chip
H Dai, Y Liu, Y Yang, G Wang, R Hu, P-L Shao, J Tang, Z Xu, Y Liu, H Xiao, J Lv, J Yang, D Niu, T Meijie, J Yuan, B Zhang
A nano-magnetic size selective cfDNA extraction platform for liquid biopsy with enhanced precision.
Y Liu, L Cheng, G Wang, J Lv, Y He, P-L Shao, R Hu, H Xiao, J Tang, D Niu, J Yang, Z Tang, Z Xu, Y Liu, Y Li, K Song, B Wu, B Zhang
– Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences
High-resolution DNA size enrichment using a magnetic nano-platform and application in non-invasive prenatal testing
B Zhang, S Zhao, H Wan, Y Liu, F Zhang, X Guo, W Zeng, H Zhang, L Zeng, J Qu, B-Q Wu, X Wan, CR Cantor, D Ge
– The Analyst
Novel encoding methods for DNA-templated chemical libraries.
G Li, W Zheng, Y Liu, X Li
– Current Opinion in Chemical Biology
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