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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Knowledge Transfer Facilitator

Yolande is the Knowledge Transfer Facilitator (KTF) for the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. She supports her academics, at all stages of their career, and across all chemical sciences, in realising the full impact of their research. She also supports external collaborators in partnering and building relationships with the Department and, by connecting with the KTF network, the University at large.

See below for details of the support available, further information and useful links related to:


Funding Opportunities

Signposting current and future funding opportunities for research, equipment and infrastructure.

Help identifying relevant resources (e.g. online searching, funders’ RSS feeds, themed emailed newsletters with funding calls, related workshops & webinars)

Useful links:


Grant & Award Applications


Entrepreneurial Learning & Support

The University offers many ways to support entrepreneurship amongst its researchers, at all stages of their academic career and business development.

  • The Entrepreneurship Centre, at the Judge Business School, hosts regular seminars and networking sessions (e.g. the free-to-attend series Enterprise Tuesday) as well as running a variety of tailored learning programmes to support researchers at different stages of innovation.
  • The Maxwell Centre, offers PhD students, Post-Docs and researchers in the fields of Physical Sciences and Technology early entrepreneurial support via its Impulse Programme .
  • Post-doctoral researchers may be interested in joining Entrepreneurial Post-Docs of Cambridge (EPOC) to stay abreast of current opportunities. Students wishing to test out their business ideas and the market “need” may be interested in gaining hands-on experience through Cambridge i-Teams.
  • For anyone seeking support in commercialising their research (e.g. via consultancy, reagent sales, patenting/licensing or spin-out companies), I can help you connect with the University’s technology transfer office; Cambridge Enterprise
  • Cambridge Enterprise have a free online course for anyone who would like to learn about consulting. 

Please get in touch at any stage, if you would like to discuss a business idea / new technology / ways to commercialise the outcomes of your research.


Innovation & Technology Competitions

Please get in touch if you would like any assistance with:

i) identifying local, national and international technology competitions in your field.

ii) preparing applications

iii) pitching your ideas



Academia-Industry Partnering

For Industry: Find an expert / departmental expertise mapping (to industry challenges & interests), overview of “how to work with us”, introduction to other departments in the University, opportunities for event sponsoring.

For Academics: Assistance with identifying collaborative partners (and funding opportunities), signposting local, national and international academia-industry networking events.

For Both: Organising & hosting academia-industry events from 1:1 and small group meetings to workshops and symposia.  Assistance identifying internal and external funding opportunities.



One Nucleus Events

RSC events


Useful Links

Knowledge Transfer Network Events

Cambridge Network Events



Science & Policy

If you are interested in how your research findings and expertise may influence policy, would like to know how to engage with Parliament, or learn more about the policy-making process, you may find the following links useful:




Public Engagement

If you are interested in public engagement (how to get involved, what training / funding is available, what’s on) you can find out more at the University’s Public Engagement team website, through which you can also subscribe to their monthly bulletin. 

Information on recent or up-coming departmental and institutional events can be found here.

Please get in touch if you would like assistance preparing for a public engagement event or in applying for the Vice Chancellor’s Public Engagement Awards.

Other useful links:





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