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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Rafting of Growing Antarctic Sea Ice Enhances In‐Ice Biogeochemical Activity in Winter
RR Audh, SE Fawcett, S Johnson, T Rampai, M Vichi
– Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans
A new HPLC-MS method for fatty acid detection in sea ice
S Johnson, C Giorio, E Thomas
Physical and morphological properties of first-year Antarctic sea ice in the spring marginal ice zone of the Atlantic-Indian sector
S Johnson, RR Audh, W de Jager, B Matlakala, M Vichi, A Womack, T Rampai
– Journal of Glaciology
Review of the design considerations for the laboratory growth of sea ice
B Hall, S Johnson, M Thomas, T Rampai
– Journal of Glaciology
Sea ice mechanics
F Paul, C Schwarz, RR Audh, J Bluhm, S Johnson, K MacHutchon, T Mielke, A Mishra, T Rampai, T Ricken, A Schwarz, S Skatulla, A Thom, R Verrinder, JR Schr�der, M Vichi, DC Lupascu
– Computer Methods in Material Science
Physical and mechanical properties of winter first-year ice in the Antarctic marginal ice zone along the Good Hope Line
S Skatulla, RR Audh, A Cook, E Hepworth, S Johnson, DC Lupascu, K MacHutchon, R Marquart, T Mielke, E Omatuku, F Paul, T Rampai, J Schröder, C Schwarz, M Vichi
– The Cryosphere

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