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Effect of Trace H2S on the Scale Formation Behavior in a Predominant CO2 Environment under Hydrodynamic Control: Role of Cr/Mo Micro-Alloying in Plain Carbon Steel
MH Sk, J Qi, AM Abdullah, N Laycock, MP Ryan, DE Williams
– Journal of The Electrochemical Society
On the anomaly in the electrical characteristics of thin film transistors with multi-layered sol-gel processed ZnO
V Mirkhani, K Yapabandara, S Wang, MP Khanal, S Uprety, MS Sultan, B Ozden, AC Ahyi, MC Hamilton, MH Sk, M Park
– Thin Solid Films
Enhancement of electrical characteristics of a-ZTO TFTs based on channel layers produced with alternating precursor concentration
S Uprety, D Hanggi, K Yapabandara, V Mirkhani, MP Khanal, B Schoenek, S Dhar, M Park, M Hamilton, S Wang, WE Hames, MH Sk
– Electronics Letters
Erosion behavior of API X120 steel: Effect of particle speed and impact angle
PC Okonkwo, MH Sliem, MH Sk, RA Shakoor, AMA Mohamed, AM Abdullah, R Kahraman
– Coatings
Surface Layer Formation in the Earliest Stages of Corrosion of Steel in CO2-Saturated Brine at 80 degrees C: Studied by In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Methods
B Ingham, W Holmes-Hewett, M Ko, NM Kirby, MH Sk, AM Abdullah, NJ Laycock, DE Williams
– Journal of The Electrochemical Society
Effects of Oxygen on Scale Formation in CO2 Corrosion of Steel in Hot Brine: In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Study of Anodic Products
B Ingham, M Ko, P Shaw, MH Sk, AM Abdullah, N Laycock, DE Williams
– Journal of The Electrochemical Society
Electrical characteristics and density of states of thin-film transistors based on sol-gel derived ZnO channel layers with different annealing temperatures
S Wang, V Mirkhani, K Yapabandara, R Cheng, G Hernandez, MP Khanal, MS Sultan, S Uprety, L Shen, S Zou, P Xu, CD Ellis, JA Sellers, MC Hamilton, G Niu, MH Sk, M Park
– Journal of Applied Physics
The effects of Cr/Mo micro-alloying on the corrosion behavior of carbon steel in CO2-saturated (Sweet) brine under hydrodynamic control
MH Sk, AM Abdullah, J Qi, M Ko, B Ingham, N Laycock, MP Ryan, DE Williams
– Journal of The Electrochemical Society
Local supersaturation and the growth of protective scales during CO2 corrosion of steel: Effect of pH and solution flow
MH Sk, AM Abdullah, M Ko, B Ingham, N Laycock, R Arul, DE Williams
– Corrosion Science
Study of device instability of bottom-gate ZnO transistors with sol-gel derived channel layers
K Yapabandara, V Mirkhani, MS Sultan, B Ozden, MP Khanal, M Park, S Wang, MC Hamilton, Y Chung, DJ Kim, MH Sk
– Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena
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