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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Advances in protein-protein interaction network analysis for Parkinson's disease.
JE Tomkins, C Manzoni
– Neurobiology of Disease
Integrating protein networks and machine learning for disease stratification in the Hereditary Spastic Paraplegias
N Vavouraki, JE Tomkins, E Kara, H Houlden, J Hardy, MJ Tindall, PA Lewis, C Manzoni
– iScience
Genomewide Association Studies of LRRK2 Modifiers of Parkinson's Disease.
D Lai, B Alipanahi, P Fontanillas, T-H Schwantes-An, J Aasly, RN Alcalay, GW Beecham, D Berg, S Bressman, A Brice, K Brockman, L Clark, M Cookson, S Das, V Van Deerlin, J Follett, MJ Farrer, J Trinh, T Gasser, S Goldwurm, E Gustavsson, C Klein, AE Lang, JW Langston, J Latourelle, T Lynch, K Marder, C Marras, ER Martin, CY McLean, H Mejia-Santana, E Molho, RH Myers, K Nuytemans, L Ozelius, H Payami, D Raymond, E Rogaeva, MP Rogers, OA Ross, A Samii, R Saunders-Pullman, B Schüle, C Schulte, WK Scott, C Tanner, E Tolosa, JE Tomkins, D Vilas, JQ Trojanowski, 23andMe Research Team, R Uitti, JM Vance, NP Visanji, ZK Wszolek, CP Zabetian, A Mirelman, N Giladi, A Orr Urtreger, P Cannon, B Fiske, T Foroud
– Annals of Neurology
PKA-mediated phosphorylation of SPG11/spatacsin regulates binding with a subset of 14-3-3 proteins
S Cogo, J Tomkins, N Vavouraki, F Forcellato, C Franchin, I Tessari, G Arrigoni, L Cendron, C Manzoni, L Civiero, P Lewis, E Greggio
PINOT: An intuitive resource for integrating protein-protein interactions
JE Tomkins, R Ferrari, N Vavouraki, J Hardy, RC Lovering, PA Lewis, LJ McGuffin, C Manzoni
– Cell Commun Signal
Secretome of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells promotes skeletal muscle regeneration through synergistic action of extracellular vesicle cargo and soluble proteins.
R Mitchell, B Mellows, J Sheard, M Antonioli, O Kretz, D Chambers, M-T Zeuner, JE Tomkins, B Denecke, L Musante, B Joch, F Debacq-Chainiaux, H Holthofer, S Ray, TB Huber, J Dengjel, P De Coppi, D Widera, K Patel
– Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Measuring lactase enzymatic activity in the teaching lab
CS Leksmono, C Manzoni, JE Tomkins, W Lucchesi, G Cottrell, PA Lewis
– Journal of Visualized Experiments
(DOI: 10.3791/54377)
Stratification of candidate genes for Parkinson’s disease using weighted protein-protein interaction network analysis
R Ferrari, DA Kia, JE Tomkins, J Hardy, NW Wood, RC Lovering, PA Lewis, C Manzoni
– BMC Genomics
Comparative Protein Interaction Network Analysis Identifies Shared and Distinct Functions for the Human ROCO Proteins
JE Tomkins, S Dihanich, A Beilina, R Ferrari, N Ilacqua, MR Cookson, PA Lewis, C Manzoni
– Proteomics
Additional rare variant analysis in Parkinson's disease cases with and without known pathogenic mutations: evidence for oligogenic inheritance
SJ Lubbe, V Escott-Price, JR Gibbs, MA Nalls, J Bras, TR Price, A Nicolas, IE Jansen, KY Mok, AM Pittman, JE Tomkins, PA Lewis, AJ Noyce, S Lesage, M Sharma, ER Schiff, AP Levine, A Brice, T Gasser, J Hardy, P Heutink, NW Wood, AB Singleton, NM Williams, HR Morris, for International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium
– Human Molecular Genetics

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