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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


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Nanomedicine Targeting Cuproplasia in Cancer: Labile Copper Sequestration Using Polydopamine Particles Blocks Tumor Growth In Vivo through Altering Metabolism and Redox Homeostasis
J Bonet-Aleta, M Encinas-Gimenez, M Oi, AT Pezacki, V Sebastian, A de Martino, A Martín-Pardillos, P Martin-Duque, JL Hueso, CJ Chang, J Santamaria
– ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Transamination under Tumor Microenvironment Conditions: A Novel Tool to Disrupt the Pool of Amino Acids and GSSG in Cancer Cells
J Bonet-Aleta, JV Alegre-Requena, J Martin-Martin, M Encinas-Gimenez, A Martín-Pardillos, P Martin-Duque, JL Hueso, J Santamaria
– Nano letters
A nanomedicine approach to targeting cuproplasia in cancer: Labile copper sequestration using polydopamine nanoparticles blocks tumor growth in vivo through altering metabolism and redox homeostasis.
J Bonet Aletá, M Encinas-Giménez, M Oi, AT Pezacki, V Sebastián, A de Martino, A Martín-Pardillos, P Martin-Duque, JL Hueso, CJ Chang, J Santamaría
Laser-induced tuning of carbon nanosensitizers to maximize nitrogen doping and reactive oxygen species production in the visible range
A Madrid, G Martinez, F Hornos, J Bonet-Aleta, E Calvo, A Lozano, JL Hueso
– Catalysis Today
Platinum-based nanodendrites as glucose oxidase-mimicking surrogates
JI Garcia-Peiro, J Bonet-Aleta, ML Tamayo-Fraile, JL Hueso, J Santamaria
– Nanoscale
Heterogeneous-Driven Glutathione Oxidation: Defining the Catalytic Role of Chalcopyrite Nanoparticles
L Sanchez-Uriel, J Bonet-Aleta, A Ibarra, JL Hueso
– The journal of physical chemistry. C, Nanomaterials and interfaces
Cu-releasing nanoparticles induce the catalytic transamination of amino acids and GSSG under tumor microenvironment conditions
J Bonet-Aleta, JV Alegre-Requena, J Martin-Martin, M Encinas-Gimenez, A Martin-Pardillos, P Martin-Duque, JL Hueso, J Santamaria
Nitrogen-doped carbon nanodots deposited on titania nanoparticles: Unconventional near-infrared active photocatalysts for cancer therapy
A Madrid, A Martín-Pardillos, J Bonet-Aleta, M Sancho-Albero, G Martinez, J Calzada-Funes, P Martin-Duque, J Santamaria, JL Hueso
– Catalysis Today
An Activity-Based Sensing Approach to Monitor Nanomaterial-Promoted Changes in Labile Metal Pools in Living Systems
J Bonet-Aletá, A Pezacki, M Oi, JL Hueso, J Santamaría, CJ Chang
Synergistic assembly of gold and copper-iron oxide nanocatalysts to promote the simultaneous depletion of glucose and glutathione
J Bonet-Aleta, JL Hueso, L Sanchez-Uriel, M Encinas-Gimenez, S Irusta, P Martin-Duque, G Martinez, J Santamaria
– Materials Today Chemistry
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