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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Templating S100A9 amyloids on Aβ fibrillar surfaces revealed by charge detection mass spectrometry, microscopy, kinetic and microfluidic analyses
J Pansieri, I Iashchishyn, H Fakhouri, L Ostojić, M Malisauskas, G Musteikyte, V Smirnovas, M Schneider, T Scheidt, C Xu, G Meisl, T Knowles, E Gazit, R Antoine, L Morozova-Roche
RNA Granules Hitchhike on Lysosomes for Long-Distance Transport, Using Annexin A11 as a Molecular Tether.
Y-C Liao, M Fernandopulle, G Wang, H Choi, L Hao, CM Drerup, S Qamar, J Nixon-Abell, Y Shen, W Meadows, M Vendruscolo, T Knowles, M Nelson, M Czekalska, G Musteikyte, R Patel, C Stephens, A Pasolli, L Forrest, PS George-Hyslop, J Lippincott-Schwartz, ME Ward
– Cell
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