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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Research Associate


NMR Studies of Aqueous-Electrolyte Ion Sorption in Energy Storage Materials
D Lyu
Interlaboratory study assessing the analysis of supercapacitor electrochemistry data
JW Gittins, Y Chen, S Arnold, V Augustyn, A Balducci, T Brousse, E Frackowiak, P Gómez-Romero, A Kanwade, L Köps, PK Jha, D Lyu, M Meo, D Pandey, L Pang, V Presser, M Rapisarda, D Rueda-García, S Saeed, PM Shirage, A Ślesiński, F Soavi, J Thomas, MM Titirici, H Wang, Z Xu, A Yu, M Zhang, AC Forse
– Journal of Power Sources
Operando NMR electrochemical gating studies of ion dynamics in PEDOT:PSS
D Lyu, Y Jin, PCMM Magusin, S Sturniolo, EW Zhao, S Yamamoto, ST Keene, GG Malliaras, CP Grey
– Nature Materials
Coupled In Situ NMR and EPR Studies Reveal the Electron Transfer Rate and Electrolyte Decomposition in Redox Flow Batteries.
EW Zhao, E Jónsson, RB Jethwa, D Hey, D Lyu, A Brookfield, PAA Klusener, D Collison, CP Grey
– Journal of the American Chemical Society

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