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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



Integration of Single-Atom Catalyst with Z-Scheme Heterojunction for Cascade Charge Transfer Enabling Highly Efficient Piezo-Photocatalysis.
W Jiang, H Zhu, J Yang, BQL Low, W-Y Wu, M Chen, J Ma, R Long, J Low, H Zhu, JZX Heng, KY Tang, CHT Chai, M Lin, Q Zhu, Y-W Zhang, D Chi, Z Li, XJ Loh, Y Xiong, E Ye
– Adv Sci (Weinh)
Nanoarchitecture-Integrated Hydrogel Systems toward Therapeutic Applications
H Zhu, J Zheng, XY Oh, CY Chan, BQL Low, JQ Tor, W Jiang, E Ye, XJ Loh, Z Li
– ACS Nano
Active Site Engineering on Plasmonic Nanostructures for Efficient Photocatalysis.
W Jiang, BQL Low, R Long, J Low, H Loh, KY Tang, CHT Chai, H Zhu, H Zhu, Z Li, XJ Loh, Y Xiong, E Ye
– ACS Nano
Role of oxygen vacancy in metal oxides for photocatalytic CO2 reduction
W Jiang, H Loh, BQL Low, H Zhu, J Low, JZX Heng, KY Tang, Z Li, XJ Loh, E Ye, Y Xiong
– Applied Catalysis B Environmental
Advances in Single-component inorganic nanostructures for photoacoustic imaging guided photothermal therapy
H Zhu, B Li, C Yu Chan, B Low Qian Ling, J Tor, X Yi Oh, W Jiang, E Ye, Z Li, X Jun Loh
– Adv Drug Deliv Rev
Modified Bacterial Cellulose for Biomedical Applications
KY Tang, JZX Heng, CHT Chai, CY Chan, BQL Low, SME Chong, HY Loh, Z Li, E Ye, XJ Loh
– Chemistry – An Asian Journal

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