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Department of Chemistry

Photo courtesy Harvard University

Professor Joanna Aizenberg of Harvard University will give this year's Lewis Lectures in the Wolfson Theatre on the 7th & 8th of May.

The first lecture is on the "Multifunctionality of Liquid-Filled Porous Materials: From Encryption to Anti-Fouling" on Thursday the 7th of May at 4 pm.  The second lecture is entitled "Hydrogel-Actuated Integrated Responsive Systems (HAIRS):  Moving Towards Adaptive Materials," and will be on the 8th, also at 4 pm.  Professor Aizenberg has made pioneering contributions to the field of biomimetic inorganic materials synthesis, including developing new biomimetic approaches for the synthesis of ordered mineral films with highly controlled shapes and orientations, and discovering unique optical systems formed by organisms (microlenses and optical fibres) that outshine technological analogs, and characterizing the associated organic molecules.  Professor Aizenberg joined the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in 2007.  

The Lord Lewis Lecture is held in memory of Jack Lewis FRS, Baron Lewis of Newnham, who during his 25 years in the Chemistry Department was not only an exceptional mentor and insightful scientist, but also exerted a great influence on science in the department and beyond.  Lord Lewis died in July 2014 and a Symposium and Memorial Service were held at Robinson College in February, 2015.