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Peter Wothers to give Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

The Chemistry Department's teaching fellow Peter Wothers is to give the 2012 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on BBC 4 at 8pm on 26, 27 and 28 Dec. His talks will be entitled ‘The Modern Alchemist’. 

If you can't wait until then, you can find out the price of xenon by listening to Peter's recent appearance on BBC Radio 4.

If you enjoyed watching the Christmas Lectures, you might also be interested in seeing some more of Peter's public lectures which are available online here.

Peter, whose demonstration lectures at the department’s open day every March are always a sell-out, will give three lectures that will focus on the elements making up the air, how water might solve our energy problems, and the rare earth metals that are fundamental in modern electronics.

Fans of Peter’s lectures will be delighted to learn that although there isn’t a lecture on fire, it will feature heavily in all three, with plenty of his usual fire and explosions.

The lectures will be given in the Royal Institution’s Faraday lecture theatre in London to an audience of schoolchildren, and televised on BBC4 over Christmas.

An interview with Peter in the Guardian newspaper about the forthcoming lectures can be found at