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Department of Chemistry


Photo courtesy Matthew Dunstan

The Chemistry Cricket team have finished their 8-match season with only one victory, but many happy memories of playing in such a quintessential English summer sport.

This year’s cricket XI included departmental grad students, postdocs and academics, who played against teams from Engineering, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Zoology, the Genome Campus, the Cambridge University Press, the Cavendish, Biochemistry and the Perse.  Matches tend to be played on beautifully groomed college grounds such as Kings, Queens’, Trinity Hall Wychfield site and Churchhill.

If you are interested in joining the cricket team, contact Matthew Dunstan at

In the photo:
Back from left:  George Biggs, Finian Leeper (VC), Arun Tanpure, Krishna Sharma, Tim Allen, Alex Jones
Front from left:  Julien Freudenreich, David Russell, Matthew Dunstan (C), Vijay Rana