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EPSRC funds corrosion in demanding environments research

A new multimillion-pound collaborative research project could help to dramatically reduce the impact that surface degradation processes such as corrosion and wear have on industry worldwide.

From tools and machinery to oil pipes, platforms and refineries, many industrial assets are susceptible to surface degradation problems.

The Preventing Surface Degradation in Demanding Environments project, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) brings together world-class researchers from the Department of Chemistry, British Petroleum (BP), University of Manchester and Imperial College London plus additional expertise from the Universities of Edinburgh and Leeds.

The team have received £5M of joint funding from the EPSRC and BP to investigate the processes that cause surface degradation and to develop new strategies to mitigate them. £1.1M of the funding will be used by the department to research novel scattering and spectroscopy methods.

This new project will build on the collaborative work already taking place on corrosion research through BP-ICAM, the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials.