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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

children putting hands in large bucket of slime

Slime pond at Chemistry Open Day, courtesy @Cambridge Photography

After a three-year absence, the Chemistry Open Day makes a welcome return on Saturday 18 March.

We will be inspiring our young scientists of the future (and their parents and grandparents!) with a range of hands-on scientific activities from making liquid nitrogen ice cream, lava lamps and rainbow water, to examining the weird and wonderful behaviour of cornflour slime. 

Sadly this year we will not be able to host Dr Peter Wothers' entertaining and explosive lectures, but we hope to resume them next year.

All activities are built around the joys of scientific discovery, with the emphasis on things that children can try out for themselves.

Doors are open to the public from 10am to 4pm and there is no need for advance booking. We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Walters Kundert Charitable Trust which makes this event possible.

The Chemistry Open Day is one of the many events being held as part of the Cambridge Festival throughout Cambridge from 17 March through 2 April.

Below from top: Liquid nitrogen ice cream (delicious!), molecule models, the joys of dry ice.

Making ice cream from liquid nitrogen

Making molecules

Children excitedly watching dry ice experiments